Checking in daily to help maintain focus


20 days sober, just staying home relaxing.


9 months Congratulations. Great job. And yeah life has gotten so good.


Good morning from Hiroshima, everyone. So this is my last day in Japan, I’m heading back to Narita (airport near Tokyo), where I’ll stay overnight at a hotel before flying back to CH late tomorrow morning. It has certainly been an interesting trip, though I shall be glad to get home.
The little app tells me that I’m on day 27 now, and so I’m pretty pleased about that. Only 3 more days to a full month, and the next goal after that (though it’s a stretch) will be 90 days, I think. Still, I’ll be happy with 45… that’s only 18 days away.
I’m enclosing another photo, it’s the famous A-Bomb dome in Hiroshima. It seems that the hypocentre of the blast was only about 160 m away from this place, though 600 m up in the air. The temperature below the blast hit 4000C (yes, 4000) and needless to say, everyone in this building was vaporized. The remaining parts of the building apparently survived only because the blast was almost directly overhead, and so pushed down instead of across. It’s a pretty stark sight (and site). It was originally believed that the city would be uninhabitable for about 70 years, but that obviously hasn’t been the case.
Anyway, congratulations to MissDuse on your 90-day coin/medal/token (I’m not sure which one is correct). 90 days is a great accomplishment, one to which I’m looking forward.
Thank you for your posts everyone, newbies and veterans alike, I find them helpful and I’m glad that you’re all here.


Just hit day 13. Nearly a fortnight gone sober. Quick question from a newbie, does the shaking stop? It’s less but not gone away yet. :roll_eyes:


On day 5. Went to a meeting this morning which helped. My marriage is in ruins and living without her terrifies me. I’m grateful to all of you who post.


My worst detox I had shakes for about a month. They got better every day but still present until after a month passed.


Day 4 is alnost to start in few hours. I am still feeling as crap, have nausea, mood is changing every second. But I also feel happy and proud of myself that finally after like 100 of flights this time I managed to land and reach home sober. To deal with the biggest trigger gaves me courage and believe that I can do it :slight_smile:


Sober day, a good day. I went to a holiday party, thought hard about the drinks, and had water. Feel good and good about resisting. Everyone, be strong and happy holidays


Good job. Keep it going, one day at a time.


@MissDuse Congratulations!!


Great job! I went to my in-laws today for a gathering. They have a full bar and I was offered drinks multiple times. I planned for this and brought water for myself.


Stay strong. It will get better.


82 days sober today.


I’m checking in, 6 days clean from using porn. I’m feeling some strong urges to cave. I’m going to stay strong, the first couple of weeks getting back on the horse are always difficult in when it comes to triggers and cravings. Besides that, some marriage troubles are making things harder. Sometimes it’s hard to separate our spouses baggage from our own. But I’m an addict to I’m going to do my best to stay in my lane and focus on my sobriety for the sake of my 2 year old son. I know I struggle with a patience and irritability when I’m using and during this phase of his development I need every ounce of patience I can get. Seeking a reliable accountability partner if there’s anyone with similar struggles and some familiarity with the program. Stay strong everybody!


Catching up since I haven’t been on here in a couple nights and I love reading about everyone’s recent accomplishments. 30 days sober for me today!

I saw Star Wars last night and didn’t pass out because I showed up to the movies drunk like i used to and I’m proud of that!! :blush:


Wow…I haven’t posted in a while but I’m finishing up on Day 17 of no alcohol :grin: I’ve had a brutal cold the last few days so I’ve been miserable but I noticed that I’ve gotten over it way faster than usual…also, it’s Christmas parties galore and I’ve enjoyed being the sober one at the get togethers–i actually have more fun and socialize more than if I were drinking/drunk. Believe it or not, I did karaoke (first time my husband has ever seen me do it)! Lol.

Anyways, yay! Hope everyone is well! :heart:


Right there with you…day 1 today. But i have to say i only drank wine 11 days in November and so far 7 days out of December, hopefully I wont have to restart the clock. I just feel so much better not drinking and get so much more done.


Day 84. It has been a stressful weekend and I am tired as hell. Can’t wait for all these pre Christmas work/class/folklore obligations to end. I am in bad need of sleep and relaxation. My headaches are over the top. But better to have stress headaches than drinking ones :see_no_evil:


Yes I definitely feel happier and more productive when I’m sober. I felt awful today and what should have been a nice Sunday was pretty much a wasted day. Hope you’re feeling Ok! Looking forward to a better tomorrow.


Day 24. Planning to go to a relapse prevention group today but will need to explain things to partner. Finding it so hard to raise this with him. Just feel so ashamed.