Checking in daily to help maintain focus


There isn’t enough alc9hol I could consume which would make work better at the minute :joy: so I need to just plod on


It’s quiet here. Everyone is asleep apart from me …the cats and dog. I’m looking at wallpaper designs …not v rock n roll :sunglasses:


Starting day 30 :slight_smile: its good to work on weekends, I dont feel that weekd rush about going to parties or bars :slight_smile: just really hard to wake up early :frowning:


That sounds wonderful, congratulations to your new job + 111 days :heart_eyes:


Checking in…Day 55! Keeping busy has helped, but the support and praise from my family is the best :relieved:.


Good morning sober friends :hugs: It’s 10:12 am, i’m laying in my bed and sipping a coffee. No hangover, not spent the night near the wc, it feels great. After the coffee i’ll jump up, get a shower and go grocery shopping. Day 13 today, way more to go :muscle:


Checking in day 39. Had a really bad couple of days. Lots of cravings which I’ve never really experienced as bad before. Went to buy a bottle of vodka to ‘calm down’ on friday morning before work but put it back last minute. Think that decision saved my life! Had a bit of an emotional breakdown at work later but got a couple of people in the know there who supported me. Feeling more stable today, caught me off guard I figured I was stronger. Still sober. Great day everyone. X


Thank you @Rosey and congratulations for you too! Up for the big 90!!


Thank you @Serenity412!




Awesome job!


49 days! Doesn’t feel that long any more. This feels normal, not easy, but okay.


Home from work at two and up and at my meeting at 8am. Mmmmm AA coffee.


Great Job resisting this craving and it was badass strong from you to put the bottle back!


In my worst days if I had planned a drinking night and stuff like this got in the way I would have been whiny. Now, I was pretty calm even if there were 5 separate things in the house that failed in one night - after a week of defrosting pipes with a heat gun.

What with staying up really late mopping up water, boiling water for a bath etc. I don’t think I could be described as clear headed at work the next day. Drinking would have killed what little energy and mental focus I did bring in though!


Ok. Done the food shopping…tidied the garage and had a haircut too :blush: off out for someone birthday bash tonight but I know I won’t drink


We have pots and pans filled with water all over the kitchen. Who knew, flushing was such a luxury! :poop:

Great work getting a Reno done!


Day 13. Feeling melancholy. The weather is drab so that doesn’t help. I’m just gonna plod on through it and try to get busy an hopefully that will lift my mood.


I’m going out for a friend’s birthday and mg confidence is waning

I know I’ll be ok but maybe I should be a hermit for a few months


It’s Saturday morning. I didn’t drink last night!