Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Sober Saturday - 20 days in, feeling great. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Day 15 here


Hi pals! My timer isn’t working but I think I’m around day 315. It’ll be a year on March 6th so I’m not to worried about the exact days.

I’m seeing some great expirience, strength and Hope in here. I love it! If you are struggling, post! If you are not struggling, post! We need you all to help US stay sober:)


408 days alcohol free. Cannabis and cigarette free as well. Happy Saturday.


66 days without weed. Took my drug screening for work and also i have an interview setup for Thursday.

492 days since my last cigarette.

I think Im in the clear from the funk I was in. Ive been having small amounts of alcohol but not enough to be drunk. Ive gotten some cravings from it but I just eat instead🍔

Quiting caffine at this point seems impossible. I get really lethargic. Just gonna cut back some and keep an eye on my anxiety. The Tao of Sobriety book has been really helpful in improving my attitude. Also may start some cognitive behavior reading.


@oferta, 30 days in the pocket!! Congratulations!


Thank you :slight_smile: you too :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Day 16. The rollercoaster continues but today is a great day!!! Ride the wave :smile_cat:


Day six… :heart:


72 days, Sara bareilles on the radio, and needy puppers.


Puzzles are greet :muscle:


Time consuming and they keep my brain busy. :grin: biggest one I’ve ever done was 1000 pieces. I might have bitten off more than I can chew this time. It’s 2000 pieces.


Well done!!! I am 100% confident u won’t let yourself down! Your amazing keep up the good work!


My biggest one was 10 000 pieces :sunglasses: (with a help from sister) now have a new one if 4000 but can not find time even to start :frowning:


Holy crap!! That’s seriously impressive


It took me about 6 months :slight_smile:


Went to dinner with the whole NLP trainingsgroup after an intensive and emotional traingsday. I only drank sparkling water. And I feel now so strong,sober and clean. Love that feeling!!


“This feels normal”…I love that :blue_heart:. After almost 40 years of drinking, “normal” has never felt this good!! Day 55 :heart_eyes:


The meal went ok. A few people asked why I wasn’t drinking but it was no big deal…they all joked about how easy it would be to do a dry month. I’m not convinced. I think for most folk it would be a suprise struggle.
Managed the night and now home :slight_smile:


Brilliant! Uve done amazingly :slight_smile: