Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thanks for the vote of
confidence:) much appreciated


I’ve got this down! I have faith in u!


Have a fab evening


Meandering through Day 4, so very grateful my sober cousin invited me to dinner and a movie, will make Saturday night SO much easier.


Day 13. Long hike with the fam and dog but cravings are hitting me hard today. Trying to stay busy but having a hard time with my brain telling me I should have a drink today.


@Serenity412 13 days is huge and I know from the person who comes through in your posts that you have the willpower and determination to get thru this craving. I had a similar flash in the pan attempt by my psyche to get me to drink on the way home from work yesterday. As much as I tried to get it out of my head, I could taste it and wanted it. That’s where the clarity and hindsight of a sober mind comes into play. I grabbed a hot bath, chugged some sparkling water and went to work writing and reading posts on here. Vent if u need to. If ur having a hard time chat about it. U and I are 1 week apart…ur hitting 2 week tomorrow and I’ll be checking in at 3 weeks. U GOT this.


109 days alcohol-free


Just try to remember all the reasons that you decided to quit. Would drinking be worth throwing all of that away?


Thank you!! Did the hot bath and sparkling water too and then got on here and watched some football to distract myself. Feeling a bit better.


Thank you…i am thinking things through to how I’ll feel tomorrow if I drink today. It’s helping.


And you got a hike in today?!?! Check u out!

We took the kids to see a movie and so far my food intake for the day has been a hot dog, nachos, popcorn, candy, frozen yogurt :nauseated_face:. I have NEVER been a junk food person. I still haven’t got back on track with my physical training and haven’t kicked this sugar habit yet. I can’t begin to imagine how much my alcohol intake was affecting my blood sugar and insulin :grimacing:

Good on you for getting a hike in, u seem to be doing well in the outdoor exercise category…so jealous! I just gotta get out and do it this weekend.


I know, my sweet tooth has been extra active without wine in my life! Nachos sounds good too…

Yeah I like to get outside on the weekends since I work inside all day during the week, especially since our house is small and it’s the rainy season so when the sun is out i have to get out there! The kids complain a little about hiking at first but they always end up liking it.


Day 346 complete. Got a womans number and she reads the KJV, doesnt drink, and has a good job. I only see good things comming to my future praise be to God.


Thanks hun!! :grin:


Awesome, sounds promising! You just put that out there the other day about finding someone, God is delivering! :blush:


Right how awesome is that?! Now i just have to see if i want the puppy in March. Its so much work but itd be so awesome


So got my 30 day coin at lest nights meeting in my city. That was a great feeling! Went to the neighboring city’s meeting tonight (I rotate between the two cuz I love them both). Had a guy that was attending his first ever AA meeting, so I got to share my whole story for the first time ever. Man I did not realize how powerful and pivotal that would be! Nor how much I needed to hear myself say some of those things out loud. Also didn’t expect to cry as much as I did either… Today just felt like a turning point for me yet again, and a strengthening in my faith and in my resolve to live surrendered and sober. I’m just so grateful and humbled by this second chance and the option of a “full” life. God is better to me than I could ever deserve or ever imagined he was.


Yes the pup is a lot of work but the payoff is amazing. We adopted a dog a year ago and he has brought so much joy to our home, i can’t believe we didn’t get one sooner.


Day 12! Soooooooo wanting to get a sesh. But I know I shouldnt


Stay strong sister you are far better off sober. God bless.