Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@Mewilhoward i want it sooooo bad! Why is it it this bad lile 12 days in. Shudnt the urges have passed by now.


Nah they take a while to pass. But they dont last. Some days are just tough days and you have to endure. You can do it though you have become very strong. Have faith and no doubt.


Good morning day 304. To another sober weekend :pray: Almost missed the bus, which could have made me late for work. But the bus waited for me. There is Kindness in the world and I have alot to grateful for!

Happy, sober Sunday! This is a great day to stay sober :grin:


Day 111. I’ve been kind of tense this week because exams start in 2 weeks so I’m kind of avoiding people because i feel short tempered. But I’ll have to change…can’t avoid everybody til March :joy::joy:



Stay can do this. :blush:


I think it’s day 13 f9r me
I’ve bought some alcohol free grape drink. I can’t figure out if that’s good or bad ? It tastes like red wine a bit but is non alcoholic. It 2ven stains your tongue red !.
Not sure what I think


49 days. Have a good Sunday everyone!


Hey @Serenity412, think how good you will feel tomorrow if you DONT drink today! Look forward to that great feeling tomorrow! You have my admiration. Hope you are ok


I did the same, bought me an alcoholfree champaigne fruit mix. I also have alcoholfree beer. Some ppl can’t handle it, some ppl can. If you’re not sure don’t drink it.


Good morning on day 14! 2 Weeks whoop whoop :balloon: :tada: Great weather today here, even the sun is shining. I’m going to make some flatbread now, i love to bake on sundays. Have a safe sober Sunday friends


Ok. Where have you kidnapped th3 sun to? It’s definitely not here

I’ll try the non wine stuff later and see :slight_smile:

I think it’s the whole routine thing

I am taking my daughter for a run in an hour!! I’ve not been for a run for ‘oh dear me’ amount of time


Hehe, i kidnapped the sun and forced it to shine in Germany today :wink: We had no Sun since weeks.
I did not go for a run for roundabout half a year…maybe i shoud start again today.
Have fun with your daughter :slightly_smiling_face:


So not looking forward to it !


According to the app I’ve saved about 50 pounds in alcohol and wine in 14 days. That’s scary


50 pounds? :hushed: Holy sh**


Sadly beer is just under 4 pounds a pint here
Adds up to quite A lot!


Checking in day 77 sober and so happy things are getting better with my hubby. I’m grateful he has stayed by my side when I put him through hell. I’m so blessed to have a second chance. I will stay sober not just for him but for me. I finally feel like I’m worth it and I’m learning to love myself instead of despising myself. One day at a time is all i can do. By the grace of God I’m still alive and I will not take it for granted. It feels good to slowly be getting my life back. Have a great sober day to you all. Its so helpful to have this app and to see others progress it gives me hope and encouragement.


I think I could save easily 100 pound a month

Oh dear me

That’s horrendous
I am worried that’s an underestimate too


I just had to check how much i saved in my 2 weeks of Sobriety, it approximately 40 Euros (36 - 37 pound). When i add this up to my 7 years of drinking i start to feel dizzy :open_mouth: That would’ve been a new car for example…all wasted in poison.