Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@Addingtm. As long as we are breathing there is opportunity to change.


Wow… ! God it’s a lot !


I’m going to keep the money to one side
Stay focussed
And get ridiculously fit
And in a month buy a new fragrance or coat


And my beard is off.

I could have bought a Porsche!


7 days

Happy Sunday everyone :heart:


Day 14. I had a great sleep last night and feel ready for the world today. What a contrast to yesterday. Just shows that sleep is so important to mental health.
My husband offered me a Bacardi and Irn bru last night. I refused and felt good to say no thanks. He doesnt know I’ve gave up the booze so he must have had a shock that i said no but he didnt ask why or make any comment. I’m sure he will notice in time like when there’s no wine bottles in recycling :joy:
Today feels like a good day. Nearly 2 solid weeks done without too much badness. I’ve had a few cravings along the way but I’ve shut them down very quickly. I haven’t felt this sincere in giving up the booze monster in my other attempts at sobriety. I guess i didn’t have the tools within myself those other times. I’m not gonna contemplate it too much at this early stage just gonna keep on going at one day at a time. Have a great sunday everyone and keep up the good work.


Getting ridiculously fit sounds good, i’ll start today. Not with walking or running, for me that’s too boring. I’ll check out some Youtube HIIT Videos and set my muscles on :fire: (and then i’ll pray that i still can walk tomorrow…) :joy::rofl::joy:



Ooo i like the look of that. Im gonna give it ago. I love dancing.


hilarious :+1::smile:


In my head I’m th3 fitness Marshall

In reality tho



I’m making Sunday dinner without beer or wine. It feels odd. Really odd


Three months! Congratulations!


@Swam I didn’t have my first legit beer craving until 19 days in…when the rest of my body felt pretty normal and I was back to a normal routine minus alcohol. Fight the urge.


You should try the free workout videos at
Great HIIT workouts (buuuuuurrrrrnn!)


I laughed way too hard at this


Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


Checking in. Day 8. Congratulations everyone checking in.


Day 347 and already off to a great start. Adult keyboard warriors tickle my funny bone :joy::joy:. Have a sober day everyone