Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking In Day 1!


Welcome to the Journey. Good luck to you!


I caught the ‘debate.’ I think he either read or misunderstood one of your earlier responses.


Good luck Meg. There’s lots of help on the forum.


Eh probably but then he sent me many private messages of threats haha. Pretty silly stuff.


Ah no way. That’s well out of order of him. Defo a keyboard warrior lol


Welcome and good luck! :facepunch:


Checking in, day 31 allmost passed by. One month sober… next milestone: the big 90 :blush::star_struck:


Wtf! Man, that’s so out of order. The Robin hammer has now dropped and fair enough when you mention what occured.


I let steve drop the hammer this time haha. It was really silly. Wanted me to come meet him somewhere :joy:. Some people never grow up even once they sober up.


Everyone at home is in a grumpy mood… nowhere to hide!


So It gets worse! Or better!
Looks like the season of goodwill to all people wasn’t advertised too well this year.


Aw darlin… Headphones :headphones: and your favorite music??


When in doubt hide in the kitchen :blush:


You gonna cook?


Its nice to see you back around!


Just a cup if herbal tea
More :nerd_face: and less :sunglasses:


What kind?!? Do you add honey… Am I distracting you enough?!? :joy:


Honey. It’s a bed time infusion

Oh dear God…what’s happening to me! I know a bit tea °😐


Congrats!!! We girls rock! Keep on going​:rose::rose::rose::hibiscus::turtle: