Checking in daily to help maintain focus


:rose::rose::clap: keep on going… yessss you can!!:turtle:


:joy: :joy: :joy:
Why’s everyone grumpy? Because tomorrows monday


Welcome!!! This is a great suport group, stay with us…:four_leaf_clover::rose::hibiscus::turtle:


Sober Weekend, feeling good.


I think so…

I’m going to hibernate


Aw… January blues…hits everyone… Be OK tomorrow :heart:


My friend told me that tomorrow is annual Blue Monday…?
Something to do with drab and dreary January and waiting for the next paycheck because of Christmas…? I guess we should all give ourselves some TLC then. Monday is so … not Friday :sunglasses:


Checking in I have four months and fourteen days I’m doing great :blush::blush::blush:


Check in day 31 :sunglasses:


Checking in, through Day 5. Netflix and Sleepytime tea. Such a rocker!!


409 days alcohol free. Still cannabis and cigarette free. Happy Sunday.


Checking in on day 60. The last few days have been rough, but i also found a lesson in the middle of it!


This is a great check-in. Congratulations for deciding to have the life you deserve.


hahaha! I watched the whole video. And loved it


Checking in, day 111


Tomorrow is day 30 for me. Yahoo!


Checking in day 305!


It’s defs a struggle today tbh.


just found this forum, so feel slightly apprehensive about posting, but here goes - it’s day 9 for me.

I’ve been feeling pretty horrible, been in bed constantly for a week after a bar fight left me in hospital. I was drunk, of course, and I still feel awful, just so ashamed of myself but I’m trying to get better. All the posts here are great inspiration :slight_smile:


I love TLC, soooooo no nonsense relaxing😜