Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Congrats on 60 days!!:rose::ok_hand::four_leaf_clover::hibiscus::turtle:


Checking in: 266 days alcohol free​:four_leaf_clover: i went for a lunch yesterday and afterwards i was thinking that it was the 1th time in almost 9 months that i have not been aware of people drinking around me!! I cannot remember someone or seeing a glass of alcohol. Have a lovely and sereen monday everybody!:muscle::four_leaf_clover::turtle:


50 days! Really unhappy at work at the moment but not at all tempted to drink. Need to be sober to get the tools to get out of this.


Hi and welcome!


Cold and dark Monday morning… where is spring hiding?
13.5 days… Hopefully make 14 today :blush: but it’s a tricky few weeks ahead of me I think… so I’ll try and focus day by day.
My wife gets cross if I talk to other folk which is tricky as I need support


It’s morning here (9:07) and it’s dark and grey. But day 32 and checking in!


Day 41 check in x


Day 15. My sleep is gradually getting better. I got 6 solid hours. Woke up feeling great that i have another morning under my belt of not waking with a hangover.


Hiya. Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here as much as i do. Hope you feel better soon.


Checking in Day 2! Good morning everyone!


Day 8 :heart:


Checking in on day 15, work was a struggle today 'cause I only slept 4 hours :tired_face: Can’t wait to have a normal sleep rhythm again. Going to boost my system with some smoothies later. Have a beautiful sober day everyone


Checking in. Day 370. One year and five days sober. Happy MLK Day. Newcomers: There are many different paths to life long sobriety. The important thing is to find one and stay on it. No excuses. No rationalizations. Just take one. All paths lead to the same place.


@Anita_Jean. Congratulations That’s pretty cool. Hang in there it is tough. But it’s so worth it. And now you are getting close to that point when days start improving. It won’t magically be easy but it does improve


Damn… you hitting the triple digits!! So xlnt!!


Hey Everyone!!! Wow… havent been posting for a little bit and love seeing the new faces and big numbers!! May everyone be strong today!! 282 down for me!!


74 days. Off work today. Braved the icy roads in a Mustang that far prefers 73 and sunny. Time to put a dent in my reading goal.


14 days
Yay !
And it’s q Monday too!


Blimey ! You’ve given up everything :blush:


It will surprise you as it adds up. 248 days here and £1487 saved. I bought myself new skis and boots with it at the weekend.