Checking in daily to help maintain focus


That’s there very positive thinking!


That’s truly remarkable


Going to bed, day 32 is done! See you tomorrow! :wink::netherlands:


Day 410. Terrible upper back pain the last 3 days
. It wont go away. Going to the Dr on thursday… Happy Monday. Stay safe and sober.


Great to see you back!!! I’m close behind you… following your path​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so stay on track​:muscle::turtle:


Day 32 is almost over :sunglasses:


Day thirteen, yaaassss, look at me and my bad self giving Mary Jane a solid fuck you, she’s a tricky one but after 8 years I had to leave that bitch behind in the fog lol

Tomorrow is two weeks. I’ll be getting better one day at a time, I’m replacing my half my couch lock with weight lifting and I’m 40lbs into losing 100lbs.

Who says I can’t still do what I want, they can kiss my ass.

I’m just feeling feisty af today, kind of loving it. Happy Monday all! :sunglasses::+1::muscle:

We can do this.


Day 352. Two weeks before one year clean I came the closest to relapse since I stopped. I already had the bottle in my hand, smelling it and liking it. So so much. I told myself the classic: that one drink is no problem and it might be even good to have one because then I’ll have to start new and have again the aim of reaching a year. It was just luck that at one moment I became strong enough to just throw it away. Then immediately went to a hair salon and got my hair done just so that I would be somewhere without alcohol in reach for hours. I know the reason but I am not sure that helps: My son told me yesterday that his best friend who used to live with us for some time got gang raped recently. Feel like a stone since then. Trying to lift up my son and I think I am doing okay with this but for myself I am really coping badly. Plus: a childhood friend who forced sex onto me when I was a kid wrote me today (great timing!) first time since back then. His message started with: “I hope you still remember me.” Just wanna throw up. Sorry for the bad moods, today is just not going well.Thankful though that I didn’t relapse. Stay strong everybody! :heart::heart::heart:


Who’s awesome? You…that’s who!


You did really well to pour the booze away , well done


I’m still here! A little over 9 months!


Checking in with 6 days done. Boom!


Checking in Day 216.


Don’t be too hard on yourself lovely! And WELL DONE for utilising this app. I’ve been sober for only 2 weeks now out of 9 years and everyone here is really supportive and non-judgemental. People will give u sincere advice with no BS. Takes a little trust, not saying u shud spill ur guts. But just know we are all here to help and support one another: to support you! So when ur struggling dont hesitate to share. Someone will be here to catch u! :slight_smile:


Day 7 stsying focused


Day 16 here, I am so tired ugh. I hate this season. It’s raining. Again. Wohoo :confused: Getting up in the dark, getting home in the dark. No sun since 4 months (except 1 hour last Sunday). Frustrating. Hope you guys have a better time!


Thank you!


Hi everyone! This is actually my first post. I am 4 days sober and this process is definitely not easy. First of many check ins :heavy_check_mark:


Welcome welcome! Glad to have you here, there’s lots of awesome people here to offer support in all kinds of subjects and sometimes just to help stay strong


Congratulations @Willowtree. What made u decide on sobriety?