Checking in daily to help maintain focus


My sleep has been terrible. I know it’s different for everyone but I’m on day 42 and last night I actually slept for 7 hours!! First time in ages. You will get there. Well done.


Just want to say: strong woman!


No sun in 4 months? Even in the Netherlands it is better😣 Where you from?


Same old here.dark and cold . Due snow ?


I have 4 meetings and then something tricky to manage at work

And we are hopefully getting snow tonight

I’m feeling ok. Alcohol feels a bit more behind me. I will watch the ‘sneaky thinking’ though

The little nags if 'one pint won’t hurt '
Vigilance…That’s the word I guess
Cut the excuses and focus on sobriety
’Sobriety…because your worth it ':blush: sounds like a shampoo ad


Good morning day 306. Welcoming you all to our convention here in Stockholm in April.

Have a great, sober Tuesday!


Day 33 has started. The weather is bad. Rain and wind, a grey day. I want summer!!


Day 16 here. Only had 4 hours sleep but feeling alright considering. Woke up to a layer of snow. Not enough to make a snowman just now though. Had fairly strong cravings last night after reading a post on here. I dont know why it triggered me. But anyway i put on the Google home speaker and told it to play some music and then i had a dance about till i needed to sit down :grinning: It did the trick the cravings left.


Went to a friends house over the weekend. Everybody drank except me which felt liberating. I also had a great time and felt great the next morning. Starting my 3rd week and feeling good. Now some yoga before work. Happy Tuesday


Day 23 checkin’ in. Have a great day everyone :muscle:t2::grin:


Sober 2 weeks now, feeling good.


Wow. Unfortunately I will be visiting Stockholm in September. On a cruise of the Baltics. Maybe we can have our own meeting @MissDuse :grinning:.


Yes @DrunkNoMore that would be great. How many days will you be in Stockholm? I will show you the english speaking meetings. They are my home groups :blush:


Day 80 off the booze…standing outside DIY shop with the logs


Day 9 :heart: and my mistake from last week just walked past me… No urge to drink but feeling like the worst person in the world right now!


The ship does not port in Stockholm so it will be part of a land tour before the cruise. The cruise leaves from Copenhagen. Still working out details of the trip.


Day 349. Going on a date tonight. Its either gonna be awful or awesome. Either way im gonna have a good meal haha.


282 Days.


Ok, I understand! Let me know if you are coming to Stockholm. Would be Happy to show you around :blush:


Oh Stokholm is one of my favourit cities :slight_smile: love it :heart_eyes: a bit envy to you :blush: