Checking in daily to help maintain focus


That is one beautiful screenshot!


Hit the reset button on January 12, 2018. Day 3 and 17 hours here for me


Day 33 :slight_smile: every day my mood is better and better. not so irritable over small things, smiling more :slight_smile: thoughts are more clear. Life is just better :sunglasses:


Was in Stockholm a couple years ago Lovely city went down to Gotenberg then up to copenhagen


And i forgot still sober for the day everyone have agood day


Germany :joy: :rofl: :joy: Hi neighbour. Well we had sun, but only a few minutes a few days…


Good Job :+1: Dancing the cravings away. Or watching funny Videos on YouTube til you cry-laugh


Have fun and good luck :wink:


15 days! Even after a hard day at work I don’t feel tempted. But it’s early days


I don’t feel tempted today… I may be tomoro.


Let tomorrow worry about itself. All u need to concern yourself with is today. :grin:


33 days, bad day today. My head was somewhere else. Tomorrow a new day.


Yep. One day at a time and all that:) hope your well


@Swam, hi there! I decided to stop drinking because I am ready to be healthy and fix the relationships I have damaged. I have been drinking alcohol for the past 15 years of my life and lately going out to the bars has turned into a drunken black out mess. My fiance has had enough. Trying to find a new way to relax at night rather than drinking a bottle of red wine. Im feeling hopeful and strong! Thank you for asking. Feels good to share my story. How about yourself?


Thank you :heart: brought me back an probably lost a pound or 2 in the process so bonus :grin:


If you do then put some music on an dance. It worked for me :slight_smile:


Hiya Willow welcome to this lovely forum.


You can do it this time. All the best.


Hope it goes well for you. Looking forward to hearing what food you had. Have fun!


I find checking in really important. Much more so than I imagined