Checking in daily to help maintain focus


checking in day 16 alcohol. sigarettes day 6.


Slow and steady…


Well done! That’s a long time! I’ve been smoking weed for 9 years. Yesterday I had my 2 week mark. Longest ive ever been sober. I just got sick of being so trapped and controlled by it. I wanted to become a stronger human and not need weed to survive. Just got sick of how bad I needed it basically lol


Awesome job! keep it up. your doing great


checking in day 411. happy tuesday.


Congrats!! Hope it’s an amazing date​:hugs::four_leaf_clover::turtle:


It was only two weeks ago that you felt like you were in a huge struggle. And look at you now :+1:t2:


Hello everyone, I hope that you are all fine and sober and well tonight.
I’m sorry that I haven’t been in touch very much lately (it had been my intention to be in touch be much every day), but the Internet connection here on the ship has not always made that super easy. Nevertheless, I’m happy to report that I have NOT had any alcohol on this entire cruise, despite the absolute plethora of opportunities to do so. In fact, I have just started day 57, so pretty close to 2 months. Certainly the longest stretch without alcohol in living memory, no doubt about that.
Anyway, I’m in New York now, we’re docked at the pier for the night. The ship will be continuing on its World Cruise (must be nice to be able to afford that!), but I’m getting off here in New York and flying back home to Switzerland tomorrow evening, as the ship heads off to the Everglades (I think).
It has been a nice crossing, lots of people were complaining about seasickness, but I personally didn’t find it problematic, and fortunately didn’t experience any discomfort. I wonder, in fact, to what degree seasickness may be aggravated by alcohol. That wouldn’t surprise me…
In any event, I will be back at my place in Switzerland on Thursday, and I will resume writing more regularly after that.
I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to offer anyone any encouragement while on this cruise, but again, the Internet connection has not been that easy. I’m sorry not to have been able to do that because I appreciate the support that I have gotten from other people on this bulletin board, and I should like to be able to offer some small degree of support and assistance to others.
So that being said, and to quote Arnie… I’ll be back!


Have a safe journey back home! Good to hear you are doing so well!


She canceled last minute. Said she had a headache haha. As if im a fool who would believe thats why. But im gonna go get a pulled pork burrito so im pretty pumped


Ha! Ummm YOU’RE the one doing great! 411 that’s awesome man! Life goals


It is past midnight here in Sweden. Now I haven’t had a drink for exactly 10 months, double digits months.

Sobriety date: 17/3-17 :shamrock:
Grateful :pray:


Day 3 here checking in


Checking in day 112. I’ll be working out again tonight trying to rid myself of this stubborn gut. I keep reminding myself that it took years of drinking to get like this, so getting fit will take a while.


Been struggling with work stress since basically last fall. This week i decided to take up walking near the office during my lunch break to clear my head and get out in nature. Yesterday I hiked half a mile and today was 1 mile including some steep ascents and decents.


How you get some relief soon!


7 dry days :grin:


Day 8, what a rough day, had cravings for a drnik all day … im not giving in this time, im sticking to tea…


Don’t beat yourself up just learn from it.

I walked past the last place I got stupidly drunk today. Not a good feeling but I am glad it helped me turn away from the drinking.


Not a place babe… A person… My stomach turned upside down.