Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Good luck with your interview!!


Kill it bro! No luck needed for you, you got it! :hugs:


Fingers CROSSED:) You will Nail it !!


So many good vibes here my other apps are getting better :slight_smile:


Stayed busy today and forgot to check in but that’s good! Day 3 here! Excited about the weekend and staying busy and sober! Wish you all well! Stay strong, fierce and feisty!


You are cheating on us with other apps??? NOOOOOOO!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hahaahahah, some of them just dont ask for permission :slight_smile:


Going to start checking in daily. I’m sick of this now. SICK OF IT UGGGGH. Okay 15 hours in. First goal 2 days. Going to try as hard as i can.


Good job to you too and I bet that’s hard to stop smoking


And how’s it going on your journey?


Visualization. I use it frequently. Client meetings. Interviews, etc. Picture the interview from the time they call you in, and you give the confident smile and firm dry handshake, to the end where you walk out and think “nailed it. Like a boss”.


Oh, lol. Now I know why I didn’t know what HIIT meant. :upside_down_face:


Checking in day 21 :grin:
Thanks you for your support everyone and happy sober hump day to y’all :monkey_face:


So close! 11 days i can’t believe it!


You’ve got a whole forum right behind you Steve - you’ll be great!


It’s going. Completed day 2 of treatment. It wasn’t bad but still not comfortable opening up. At work now so I’m staying busy


Hopefully you will become more comfortable soon. When I opened up in my IOP it was like a dam crumbling away. As soon as I started sharing, things really began to change. In don’t think I would be here without my IOP experience. I would never had stayed sober.


Just checking in. Been taking a lil break, but I’m still here and still sober… (Not that anyone asked lol but yeah)


6 weeks sober tonight.


Good luck!!