Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I’m so jealous, where is it 80 degrees right now? This San Diego native is still not used to the Bay Area cold!


I was just thinking I hadn’t seen you around for a few…glad you’re ok!


Best of luck!! Yes, what @NewPerspective and @Yoda-Stevie said! Prepare yourself by knowing about the job and the company. Plan some answers to questions that might come up. Practice them out loud. Visualize yourself doing the whole interview, confident and calm. Take a few minutes in your car (or wherever) before you go in to say some affirmations out loud (“I am going to get this job because I deserve it”, or whatever pumps you up!).
Lastly, make sure you have a firm handshake and look them right in the eye, that shows your confidence right off the bat. Oh, and dress nicely!! (I see a lot of interview candidates at my job, so I notice these things.) :blush:


Thank you and everyone else so much :slight_smile: i’m going to kill this interview then report back to the forum asap. ya’l are the best.


I truly pray I can learn about triggers, relapse prevention etc


Day 78
Check in

Glad that I made it till here
Longest I have ever gone sober!

Excited and nervous about my upcoming vacation on 1st March.


you got this @Swam Keep your head up and power through this


Checking in day 341 - exam today in public health :scream: Scary stuff! Have a good, sober Wednesday!


Good luck @Steve92! :four_leaf_clover:
Checking in on day 69, it’s 8:10 in the morning. Going to work today. Have a nice sober day all of you! :bouquet::kiss:


You too!!! Have a great sunny day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Day 285 and working at home today, had a longer sleep which was great as I’ve been feeling tired and looking forward to a productive day.

Stay strong and stay sober everyone.


Day 9. feeling positive, and motivated to keep this up. Have a good day everyone.


Day 52. Yesterday I got an appointment at my doctor and he told me to stay at home til nex week friday. Now I have 1,5 weeks to calm my mind and get distracted from the stress of my job.
And I slept 6 hours straight yay, feels so good.
@anon61112164 have you ever tried ginseng for your tinnitus? I know from some patients that it helped quite good. I’m trying it at the moment bc I have tinnitus too. Also focussing on your breathing may help :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Have a great sober day folks :heart:


Ginseng @Kintsugi? I’ve never heard of it helping tinnitus before. Very exciting! How much and how regular would be ideal to treat tinnitus?


I take 120mg/day. I started taking it for improving my memory and then I saw by reading the leaflet that it’s recommended for tinnitus also.
And then I remembered that my boss used to prescribe it our patients with tinnitus. I totally forgot that.


Tumeric might help as well. It’s needs to be a high quality brand that has black pepper in the ingredients, the pepper activates the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of tumeric. You can also buy it dried and make teas out of it. Once again it’s about the quality of the product your purchasing.


With tinnitus also? I sometimes put tumeric and pepper in cooked rice, love the taste and colour. Maybe I should have more of that.


The most common type of tinnitus related causes is inflammation in the ear. So yes, anyway you use it may help. Plus, it has tons of other positive effects on your body!


I just put some tumeric + pepper in my veggie juice :+1:


Amazing - thanks @Kintsugi and @Bill_Phillips, I’m going to try both. I’ve had tinnitus since I was a kid (Deep Purple’s PA) so I’m used to it, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it!