Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in DAY 32 sugar-free & DAY 173 alcohol-free.

Finally worked out a study timetable that doesn’t clash…this university enrollment system was engineered by toddlers!


Day 52. Seem to have come down with some sickness bug. It’s one thing after another lately with my health. Still feeling happy to be sober. Each day it gets easier.


Hope you feel better soon. I’m starting a cold, so working from home in my warm apartment, hopefully it passes quickly.


@Kintsugi, @Bill_Phillips, so interested in the tinnitus talk! Mine is nutso nowadays. Will definitely try your suggestions. @Charlesfreck, it must have been the Dead shows for me :blush:


Onto Day 4!


Day 32.
Good morning everyone. Off to work And then I’m taking Thursday and Friday off because my parents are coming to visit. Looking forward to it but I’m a little nervous as they love their wine every night and this will be my first time in 30+ days having alcohol near me. I feel confident though and I have a plan in case it gets to be too much (going to a meeting, taking my dog for a long walk, going to my room for a break and calling or texting my sponsor or sober friends.)
Mostly I’m looking forward to it though. Have a great Wednesday :smile:


Mine is definitely worse since giving up the booze, and that’s coming up to 15 months ago, so anything that even gets me back to where I was would do nicely!
And there is someone else, from England, who regularly mentions his Tinnitus… maybe Ginseng and Turmeric will help with memory as well!


Do your parents know of your efforts? Great you are making plans.


Day 247. Slept like shit last night, anxiety and dreams everywhere. Couldn’t get comfortable (probably because it was 66 degrees f in the middle of February). Seems like it’s one night on, one night off. BUT… Anxiety seems okay now. It’s my Sunday, so no work. Yay! Going to see my therapist today and bitch about this brain fog and PAWS, that usually makes me feel better. :hugs:

Let’s do this for another day people!


@MissDuse. Congratulations Wow those days are adding up quickly. Great job. Sorry I am a day late


Checking in with day 148. Sore from the gym, but the kind of sore that reminds you that you had a good workout.


Checking in. Day 407. One year, six weeks sober. Happy Hump Day. Temp in DEN currently is -1. Brrr for sure. Stay Strong. Stay Sober. Stay Happy.


Burrrrrrrr!! It’s even cold here in San Diego. A brisk 38 degrees… Lol I know I know, that’s tshirt weather for you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I told my mom I am not drinking. They don’t really know I’m in AA and planning not to drink again, they might just think I’m taking a break. But I’ll talk to them more about it when they’re here. Thank you!


Exactly 10 days clean…should be very happy…but coming back from the hospital and my husbands blattercancer is probably back​:sob:…my first reaction in my head? I want to drink…don’t want to feel what I feel; fear and pain…but I’m not going to drink…I’m NOT! Please guys sent me some strength :pray:


I take tumeric and curcumin everyday. It has helped my inflammation for sure.


It’s amazing stuff!


Anyone knows abt Backlofen?


Is it effective in curbing alcohol urges?


Hey lads… Just checking in… Still sober from booze #45 days :heart: