Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thank you so much @Chad_R for you too :grin: Everyday is important :purple_heart:


Thank you. I hope your cold doesn’t linger. Roll on summer eh. Can’t wait to be able to sit out in the warm sun :grinning:


10 days is fantastic. You don’t wanna take a drink an i can tell you why, you will still feel the same once the booze wears off but then even worse for letting yourself down. Do something proactive instead. If you do AA get along to a meeting asap.


I am in Jacksonville, FL


I know it’s a muscle relaxant that has the potential for abuse.


Thank you so much!! That is a good advice and gave me strength. I do not go to AA…but this forum helps me a lot! :kissing_heart:


Florida was my guess! :smile:


It has helped me more than words can even express. I come here pretty much every day. Some days several times. I don’t go to AA either but that’s not to say i rule it out. If i ever feel the need i will give it ago.


I joined NA about 20 years ago…it didn’t work for me, at least not at that time. Maybe it’s different now. I’m different but so far this place with all nice and helpfull people is just what I need!


Checking in day 69 :slight_smile: got cold and flue and feel like shit :face_with_thermometer::mask:


Still got the 69 days though @oferta!
I’ve got some horrible bug and have also just had the first quadrant of my teeth ‘deep cleaned’.


Get well soon!!


Day 50.
I got laid off thanks to the work of one bitter whench. They’re laying off my office mate in two weeks. My former manager is getting replaced. I have no job for the first time in almost four years. Except now I have two kids, two cars, a line of credit and a helluva lot more responsibilities than when I got the job.
I’m filing unemployment today, got my resumes ready to go. Going to apply online to some today, get recredentialed and try to figure out what to do with my time right now.
Really, really came close last night. Not using booze or cigs at all either bc I can’t pretend I won’t try to fill the bowl with something not meant to help me.
It’s really weird being in this position.
My boss blamed me for his long-standing problems. Under the bus I went. No good reference from him. Thank God my manager said she’d have my back.
I’m looking at what’s next, thinking what do I want to do, what can I make out of this? I’m not sad, the stress of that job was crippling. I’m just kind of taking in the view, so to speak.
Sorry for the ramble here, just glad I didn’t give in to that devil on my shoulder.
Good luck guys, let’s win today :sunglasses:


Great attitude about everything. Good luck in the job search.


Checking in day 31 ! Easier to take on life like this, no smoking day 3 (still mental but manageable)


Still sober and im off to bed :slight_smile: wish u all a great sober day !!


That is really unpleasant procedure :expressionless: but at least painless :wink:


I understand you I have had alcohol home since new years I did not want to throw away so much money. Now almost nothing is left cauz frienss have finished it :slight_smile:


Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s an easy that others - and certainly I - have done.
Get up, start over… and be strong !


Ending day 303 without alcohol❤️
Crazy how much life changed, for the better, last weeks… my kids gave me the feedback that i’m much more at ease now that i don’t drink anymore. They talk about it for the first time since i stopped. Think they start to trust it🍀work is also doing great, a lot of positive growth, suddenly… like a beautiful positive energy can flow now and makes things happen for me… life s good clean&sober
Good night and big hug to you all​:four_leaf_clover::balloon::rose::turtle: