Checking in daily to help maintain focus


How are you doing?


Back at 16 hours…that video warned me it wpuld be more difficult everytime i decided to quit and relapsed. I cant get passed a day! I hate this! I hate that it has so much control. I cant study after i spent the night getting high and i just keep doing it. Eventhough I so badly want to complete my studies. My heart is so broken i feel so defeated. I want this! Why cant I just do it!!!


Pot smoking and poor results or focused, determined and great results. What do you want? If it’s the latter, go get it.


Day 157
These last couple days have been so much better then last week . I took a meeting to a Psych ward yesterday with another guy and it was awesome. Just feeling on top of things today.:sunglasses:


Day 99 the last few days have been so stressful and I was having full blown anxiety attacks… but, I hit a meeting and feel much better.


Some days I dread going to meetings until I actually go. They always seem to help


Yes! So true!


I want it so bad.


Have you tried going to meetings and getting a sponser? Being able to relate with people and share where you’re at in your recovery in a meeting is a lot more helpful then you can imagine and being able to call a sponser when you’re having a using thought and letting them help guide you through it works. Give it a shot do something different.


I’m starting my first meeting tomorrow. So hopefully it goes okay. I get mad anxiety so I’m worried ill freak out and not go but i need to. I NEED to kick this once and for all. And on a side note. .why whrn ur using is it so difficult to find drugs but when u decide uve had enough and no more free drugs come at u from every angle…


It’s addiction at it’s finest. Your best bet to help yourself is delete all contacts in your phone of dealers and stay away from people you used with and change your phone number and get around people who are clean .


Hello my lovely people :). Checking in: Day 6. This app, this room, you guys help so much on keeping focus on my abstinence, my recovery… Feeling Bauer ready for that next 24. Keeping strong!


This is advice that I’m giving you that I personally did btw… it’s not my opinion it’s my experience. Hell I fuckin moved almost an hour away from Pittsburgh to get clean and stopped talking to EVERYONE that I used with… even drinking buddies or people I smoked weed with (my DOC was heroin). I don’t go into ANY places that sell or serve alcohol and I plan on doing that till I get a year. I didn’t even talk to my brother for over 3 months and honestly so much more. It was hard to do and is still hard somedays … i just want to stay clean and not let myself and my family down ever again but I will have 6 months clean in 3 weeks. So I really wish you the best and hope you can find your sobriety. God bless :heart:


Been taking it since last 2months
All I can say i didn’t have relapses

So confused
To continue or not to continue


I still have alcohol in the house too and am not tempted by it. My husband drinks, and I don’t mind that either. I will say he’s cut down quite a bit though, which is awesome! Congrats on 80!


Day 79!
Waiting for BiG90!


Good morning sober world!
Good morning day 342!

This is a great day to be sober :grin::muscle:

On my way to internship on time this early morning and have done all morning routines! This Therefore has potential to be a very good day! :purple_heart::pray:


Day 53. Parents evening tonight. I’m looking forward to that. My daughter is doing fantastic at school. I am so proud of her. She will be going into her last year at high school in August. She excels at Biz ed, German and Music.

I weighed myself this morning. I’ve lost nearly a stone in weight since stopping drinking. I’m really pleased with that. :grinning:

Have a wonderful sober day my friends :heart:


Day 11…going to a reception to say goodbye to a colleague who’s finished working.
Lots of people will drink alcohol, but I am not going to :muscle:…have a great sober day today you all!


Day 53. Still laying in bed, lazy me :relieved: I so enjoy the freetime I have! After breakfast I’ll go to the bookstore to pick up my ordered cooking book. And when I’m there I’ll watch out for something about empaths.
But first :coffee::coffee::coffee::green_heart:
Have a beautiful sober day everyone!