Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 248. Still sleeping like shit but anxiety is way less this morning than when I went to bed. Back to work and hoping for a decent day. Being busy and making money makes this weird down spell a bit better.


So there really is some progress already. I eleminated all plastic containers I had for storing food, I now have glass containers. Not one single pimple any more! Great skin and I finally start losing weight. I try to have one fruit veggie juice per day and my body loves it :+1: I haven’t been to the gym too lol, but I keep on walking as much as I can and do some bodyweight training at home.


Start of day 5. Feeling that little bit of a sore throat starting so I’m afraid I’m getting sick. As long as it’s not the flu it’ll be alright. It will help keep me sober but a little annoyed. I mean being sick sucks sure but I was so pumped about getting there “on my own” :smirk: We’ll see what happens but regardless I’m looking forward to my first sober weekend in probably a year, when I sick last time. :expressionless: lol


Checking in DAY 33 sugar-free & DAY 174 alcohol-free.

Completed some shitty administration that I was avoiding, which was only stressing me out. All prepped and ready to face the music tomorrow.


Day 10. double digits! longest ive been without alcohol for many years.


Good morning, checking in on day 33 here.
Went to a women’s AA meeting last night and was happy to announce that I hit my 30 days this week. Chips are handed out on the last Wednesday of the month so I have that to look forward to next week.
Feeling peaceful and happy this morning. Sending those vibes out to everyone here. :slight_smile:


Your sugar free time is my sober time. :slight_smile:


Day 70 :slight_smile: still have flue and fever and fill like shit :face_with_thermometer::mask:


Me toooooo (today is day 11 for me)…very long time!! Went to a restaurant two days ago…I think te last time I didn’t drink alcohol in a restaurant is 18 years ago when I was pregnant of my oldest son…It was a whole new experience to me, but I have to say…I liked it!


Forget the magic 8ball, my work inbox when I wake up is a good predictor of how the day is going to look… It said crawl back under the covers. I didn’t listen. Lol

Something something about mumble mumble how I might be childish, emotionally sensitive and grandiose… Or something.

Sigh… Let’s get at it.


Congrats on the thirty days and now 33!


Thanks so much :blush:


Im having a horrible morning right now but im here. 4 days sober. Horrible Heroin withdrawl still. Today id bad…


11,473 just for today


Day 72. Had breakfast with my sponsor this morning. Working on knowing that I deserve to be sober and happy. I think I’m making steps 2 and 3 way harder than they have to be.


Hello everyone, it certainly is chilly in my little corner of CH today! It’s supposed to get even colder as the weekend comes and goes, so we’ll see what happens. I won’t be here when the low temperature of about -10C is supposed to arrive on Sunday, since I will be scuba diving in Italy for a couple of days. I’m looking forward to that.
Otherwise, things are going well, I can see 100 days in the near horizon, since I’m almost on 94 days right now. I’m pretty pleased about that.
I wish that I could say that being sober makes me feel better about myself, but that really isn’t the case. Oh well.
Anyway, it’s nice to read your posts, everyone… i find it very encouraging, so thanks very much.
Have a nice day, everyone.


Finally hit triple digits! Feeling optimistic today!


Thats great to know. !! Carry on the good sober work !!! :heart:


Day 317. Reminding myself today that i take the action and leave results up to god.


This kinda snuck up on me…but that’s a good thing because it is no longer an all consuming thought. Happy Thursday - checking in with 60 days :white_check_mark:.