Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Good luck with reading Harry in Italian :slight_smile: i hope you find something positive still when u are down today .U dont drink today is a WIN , stay strong and focused , the willingness is your strongest allied. Im still sober and it also is my birthday . And not thirsty either .


Happy Birthday :kissing_smiling_eyes::tada:


congrats! I know how good that feels! Keep strong and keep inspiring the people behind you!


Day 70 sober :grin:


I’m pretty close behind you and looking forward to triple digits !
Great job !


Checking in day 23 :grin:


Indeed. Couldn’t have made it this far if not for the amazing people here…
Checking in day 32 ! Day 4 cigarette free…
Grateful !!!


What kind of cooking book?! I LOVE to cook…it’s like meditation to me!


I am very proud of all of my sober friends.


Same here!! And happy to know you!


It’s called 50 healthy 10-minute recipes :yum:
Since beeing sober I love cooking


Happy birthday !


Checking in: Day 7. Looking forward to these 2 digits. Feeling great!


So blah and agitated yesterday and today, but 44 days sober. Looking ahead to better.


Thank you heaps for that advice. It’s hard because I dont have any family and only a literal handful of people in close to. Some of them smoke weed and drink. I couldn’t make it through life without these people because of the nature of thebtraumas ive experienced. I have however taken a stand and said im not hanging out with anyone while they do anything like that. It has to be a sober visit if we hang out. I am lucky as well that my partner is supportive im just too good at convincing him to let me get high. But no more. I started a Mindfullness group today and will be attending NA next week. I am doing this. I have to. I’m here cause its day 2 and I’m craving like a psycho. But I have to keep saying no.


33 days! Awesome!


That was just what I felt like I had to do. People get clean in different ways I’m not saying that the way I did it is the way everyone should do It. All I knownis it works for me. But that is good it seems like you’re going in the right direction and making the next right desicion. I hope it works for you. And yea the first days getting clean is tough … People say one day at a time and I felt like it was an hour at a time hell it was a minute at a time some days… but you just have to do It. Try adding prayers to your days I have 158 days and I still hit my knees every morning and pray to my HP to remove my obsession of drugs and alcohol and I hit my knees at night before I go to bed and I thank him for another day free of drugs. But that’s just what I do because I’m on borrowed time… I’m a man that should be dead typing to you right now… you will be in my prayers though. I hope you figure it out.


From the book ”Each day a new beginning - Daily meditation for women”. Love this text! We all will have choices to be made today. Lets try and listen to that tug today that brings us closer to Serenity! :pray:

Day 343 for me :grin: On my way to internship!


That’s really sad to hear. I’m sorry things are this way (on borrowed time). And congratulations for the sobriety you have achieved so far. My faith is something I’ve been exploring lately and i guess I struggle with accepting that He is who He is. And that He has power over my life and that He loves me. I really struggle to think someone like God would care even a little bit about me. But honestly whay uve kust said has inspired me to do the same. I’ve been advised to start a prayer journal. Is that something you think would help? Or just like pray. Or talk to God? Like how do you connect as such.


Everytime i decide seriously to quit. Someone offers me free weed…i just turned one of my besties down…heard the disappointment in her voice eventhough she was supportive. My heart feels sore. Why do i regret that decision when i know it was the right one??