Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Finding a connection with God isnt something that happens overnight or anything. Its really whatever works for you. If you think that a prayer journal is something that would be easier for you to do thats a good start. I know for me its the act of getting on my knees is the most important part… its an act of surrender… an act of submission to God. When I do it every single morning and night it reminds me where I come from in active addiction and how good I have it now that im clean. But my usual routine is waking up and getting on my knees and saying “God please remove my obsession of drugs and alcohol. Give me strength in my recovery and help open my heart to accept you into my life. Help guide me to carry outyour will with the strength to do so and the ability to recognize it. Please give My mother, my brother david and my grandmother financial security and good health. and help the people in active addiction find their way to get help as you did for me Father. Amen/” and then at night I thank God for another day Clean .Pretty much that I usually say more stuff and pray for different people that need it but thats the jist of it.


I think i will start with a prayer journal cause i dont know what to say sometimes. So maybe start with that and then physically go on my knees to pray once I get a bit more comfortable with what to say.


Hey thats an awesome start! Your going to do something different and uncomfortable. Thats where the hope is! I hope it works for you and im sure it willl!


Sounds nice! I always loved to cook but now I spent much more time cooking! Low carb coz I want to lose some weight😀…yesterday I made delicious hummus!!




Thank you! :star_struck::kissing_heart:


Day 71 and checking in. Allmost weekend! :star_struck::+1:


Keep strong. Nothing worth comes easy. Focus on the relief awaiting on the other side of the door… definately worth the fight for.


Day 10 checking in , reached double figures after a long time


Another miracle day! Didnt drink, didnt sniff, no hangover, waking up with a clear head and positive mindset. Feeling grateful ! Checking in: Day 8.


90 days! Not been here for a while - have been finding things hard but no temptation to drink. Feeling quite celebratory today having finally hit another milestone!


Day 249. Still in an icky spell but feeling positive because things continue to get better a little bit at a time. Sleep still not good, anxiety creeping toward lighter. Work was easier yesterday and I’m hoping it continues this way. No matter what, I’m ecstatic that I’ve not used through all this! :roll_eyes:


Day 54. Today I’m going to celebrate the end of the week (tho I did not work lol). Anyway, I’m going to buy some chips and crackers and stuff and make a long movie day. I’ll start with the Alien movies :alien:
Have a wonderful sober friday friends :green_heart::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Checking in DAY 34 sugar-free & DAY 175 alcohol-free.

Don’t get official doc pics done at the end of a frantic day. I couldn’t be arsed to smile getting my drivers license renewed, so now I can look forward to another classic crime stoppers photo id to add to my collection :confused:


Day 11. looking forward to another alcohol free weekend. hav a good day all!


Hey Nina. I’ve done that. Started saving empty jars an putting food in them rather than in the tupperware type containers.


Good morning, day 34 here. My parents are in town so I’m going to take them on one of my new favorite hikes after we drop the kids off at school. They drank wine last night but I really wasn’t tempted. I’ve made so much progress I just felt I didn’t want to slip into old habits and the thought of waking up with dry mouth and headache from chardonnay did not appeal to me at all!


Day 54. The days are really starting to rack up now. Went to my daughter parents evening last night. I came away feeling on top of the world. She is doing so well in all her subjects. Her school is fantastic. I love how much they care for the children and have their best interests at heart. It makes me feel great because i moved to scotland specifically for the education here being better than where i moved from in England . It gives me that feeling of yes! I did something right :grin: Have a great sober Friday everyone. :heart:


Day 73. Working from home today and feeling really tempted. We got a lot of snow last night and my boss has told me not to come in. I would go to a coffee shop but they don’t have the bandwidth I need for my work. Just needed to get this out of my head and connect with reality.


Celebrating 150 days today.