Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 12 already…time flies…my house is getting more tidy day by day and that is giving me a great feeling of being in controle…Yesterday my best friend came along. I bought wine for her but I didn’t drink a sip :tada::sparkler::confetti_ball:…tonight I’m going to a tribute to my musical hero Prince…nice day everybody (or what’s left of it)!


Oh I miss Prince so much! Have a good time :green_heart:


Thanks, me too…I was really very very sad and in shock when he died :confounded:…I started to :heartbeat: his music when I heard the album Parade! Way way back…



Day 52. Things are going good so far with the lay off, but there are other things more immediately concerning. My five year old girl is having body image issues already. What the hell?! She just called me fat; we talked about it, about people’s shapes and sizes all being different. Found out she’s told other family members that she’s got a fat tummy, etc. I’m aware that it’s hugely guided by parental control of her food habits and I honestly haven’t been a strong enforcer since eating is my last, and oldest, vice. Not saying it’s any excuse whatsoever but rather just being honest. Before there was booze or drugs, there was the fridge, with it’s comforts for an awkward, shy little girl who didn’t really have any friends and just wanted to draw pictures. I hate that it could be something attempting to pass on to her if I don’t do something right now today. About myself. Because she’s still just five and learns from environment, lifestyle and example. This just really hits home and I feel like I’ve failed her in a huge way already. Aghhh, there’s no time to wallow, I have to get shit done about this. Parenting is like real-time counseling sessions in action…
Happy Friday all.


Day 159
Man I don’t know what it is but I just feel like a million dollars this week. Which is weird for me because I am broke as fuck because of the winter and lack of work. My car payment is like 2 weeks behind. The thing is though i’m just so grateful for being clean and sober! A few weeks ago a day clean wasnt good enough for me. I had to sit back and realize why I am doing this and how bad it was in active addiction. Being clean is all that matters everything else will work out as long as i STAY clean. Today a day clean is all I need and all that matters because without it everything else falls apart.


Sorry to hear about your financial woes, but just think of how much WORSE things could be if you had been wasting money on booze (or whatever else), IN ADDITION to the fact that you probably wouldn’t be feeling very well !
There are undoubtedly hurdles to face in life, but doing so sober has to be a better thing for YOU.
You’re doing a great job.


Day 231. Sober. This day a year ago my dad died. Feeling sad but sober. He would be proud that I kept it that way🙏🏻


Checking in day 24, have a fantastic sober weekend everyone, love to each and everyone of you :sparkling_heart::sun_with_face::grin::hugs::cowboy_hat_face::monkey_face:


End of day 2. Some cravings (not physical), but generally ok (though it’s still early days).
It is SUCH a great thing to know that one is not alone.
Best wishes to everyone.


11 days…


Checking in day 33 ! Day 5 no cigarettes !


Checking in DAY 01 smartphone-free, DAY 35 sugar-free & DAY 176 alcohol-free

I am shifting my daily check in from the evening to the morning, to improve sleep and be more productive. My eye watering schedule is full on and I want to make every second count, so wasting time looking at my phone has got to go. I can’t compromise on benefits of a good night’s shut-eye.

Apparently reading your smartphone at night causes the brain to stop producing melatonin, a hormone that gives your body the “time to sleep” cues. Because of this, smartphone light can disrupt your sleep cycle, making it harder to fall and stay asleep — and potentially causing serious health problems along the way.

This daily check has been an immense help to my recovery journey, so it will be staying for now. Hopefully it will be given me some extra motivation for the day ahead :blush:


Checking in Day 6


Thank you for you vulnerable share benedictine…:rose: he would be proud of you​:pray: I’m here if you need someone to talk to​:green_heart: big hug​:turtle:


Knuff en sterkte​:balloon::rose::turtle:


Almost day 306… alcohol free🍀
I realized that it’s only since last week it realy goes realy good in life… even if i feel now the emotional abandonment of my mom and having a hard time in my “relationship”
Have a great sober weekend dear friend​:rose::four_leaf_clover::balloon::green_heart::turtle:


Congrats on 90 days!!!:pray::four_leaf_clover::+1::turtle:


I realized that I’ve never been sober going to a festival or concert the last 30 years…30 years :scream:…this night I went to this tribute to Prince sober!!! And it was great…I danced and danced and danced…while I thought I couldn’t dance without booz or smoking a joint before​:dancer::musical_note::notes::musical_keyboard::trumpet::microphone::guitar::saxophone:…c u tomorrow!


Well done!