Checking in daily to help maintain focus


57 days guys!!! I haven’t been on the forum in a bit because my life decided to get completely crazy. I got my first speeding ticket, then a guy ran into the back of my car and drove off!!! I’m fine but geez it happened within the same week!
Fun stuff! I hope everyone has a nice weekend :blush:


Great job! Well not on the speeding ticket… But here is to not letting the stress overwhelm you.


Lol I admitted it. I’m the worst liar so I just paid it. Fun times!


1 month done! I feel so proud


@Nicole_de_Held…this is a great place with very kind people to check in everyday!


Day 13…it’s 8 o clock at Saterdaymorning and I’m sober…no hangover like I used to have. The sun is shining and I’m full of energy…I love my new life and my new me, despite we discovered this week my husband’s cancer is back presumble. But I feel very strong being sober and this way
I can be much more help for him than I could before…Great pure day you all!


Good morning day 344! :sun_with_face:

Sun is shining and I am only 21 days to my year :pray: How lucky am I? How lucky am I to call my snowy lake in Stockholm home?

At a Body Balance class this early Saturday morning. No hang over for 344 days :grin:

Happy, sober Saturday :purple_heart:


Sounds great!! Well done too! :facepunch::kiss:


Goodmorning folks :grin: Day 72 here I come! Cold in the Netherlands, but the sun is shining! Going to make some pancakes today, I earn them :grin::blush:


Day 12. gonna relax and watch sport all day. no alcohol needed. hav a great sober day all!


Stockholm is on my to-visit-list!! Looks awesome :heart_eyes:


Stockholm is a good cool city :+1::+1:


Day 250. Got really anxious last night and slept like shit again. Anxiety seems better since I woke up. Work should be busy today and I’m really hoping my anxiety stays in this low/moderate place or gets better. Ugh, things have been seeming somewhat hopeless, but I know that’s not true. I will fight the battles no matter what! Here’s to another sober day, for myself and everyone else!


Keep up the good spirit!!


Good morning. Day 35, up early to get my 12 year old to a 5K race she’s running this morning. Then to my other daughter’s basketball game. I love my busy Saturdays and love them even more being sober, I can actually enjoy them instead of just trying to feel better and fight through them. So grateful. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Enjoy your loving Saturday :clap::clap: happy sober day !


Day 28 here


Day 288. Went for a run. It was cold but a beautiful day here. Stay strong and stay sober everyone.


I can’t wait to meet new sober people… I work in a bar and that’s all I’m ever around


Had a restart this morning. Back to Day 1 but only more determined.