Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@MegaMeg that’s ok the only place you can go from here is up!!! You got this!!!


Day 55. My day was blah somehow. I was at the hairdresser but she kinda fu***ed up my hair :cry: and I only met unfriendly ppl. today. Meh. But I had a delicious meal, watch a good movie now and I won’t drink today.
Have a great sober Saturday friends :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Day 7. Told my boyfriend after a long week where my head is with drinking. He’s always been supportive but it’s nice to have the bandaid ripped off again and “kick out drinking” so to speak. Just have to get through today.


Glad to see you back!!


Day 34 today. Snow on the way. Finally having a day to relax, worked all last week and went to IOP. So I was busy from 8am until 10pm and not going to bed until 2am so it feels nice to have a break.
I went grocery shopping to meal prep and worked out for 1.5 hrs. One day closer to going home to my kids and husband. I got thru yesterday without issues, usually I would relapse as it’s the day my mom passed. But I was to busy to remember. Next Friday will be HARDEST as it’s my son’s first birthday and I won’t be there…


Day 450. Happy Saturday have a safe and sober weekend.


Checking in DAY 01 smartphone-free, DAY 36 sugar-free & DAY 178 alcohol-free.

False start on being smartphone-free, and not a good sleep as a result. Tonight the culprit will spend the night in the other room to me. I’ve decided that smartphones really don’t make you smart at all :blush:


Congrats!! What a great feeling he…keep up the sober work​:pray::rose::turtle:


What a beautiful picture… wish i was there!:+1:
And almost a year sober​:blush::sunglasses::v:️:rose:


Day 72 almost ended :slight_smile:


Checking in day 34 ! Working all day , and still at it , till the morning … But sober sat. Nice :slight_smile:


Checking on daily: Day 9. Out for the 1st time tonight, wifey drinking wine with her friends; drinking my little sprite on the rocks. Not feeling tempted and i am so grateful for that. I went to my AA meeting just before joining them and that helped a lot. For everyone feeling alone sometimes in that fight for sobriety, i really recomand giving it a try…works for me. I am so glad to be part of this group, the support i get from your all makes this journey much easier too. Have a lovely Saturday night!


Oh I know the sadness! Nothing I love more than fixing fucked up cuts and colors and helping people feel a little better about themselves. Wish I was there to help! Keep your chin up though. Congrats on the 55 days!!


As long as I don’t sleepwalk into a bar tonight, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll finish my 355th day sober. :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Congratulations!!


What you at now!?


Thank you everyone! So great to see so our community growing worldwide! STAY BEAUTIFUL!!


Woke up early today (90th) watching winter Olympics and feel good… looking forward to my Sunday with my family :slight_smile:


Good morning sober world! :purple_heart:
Good morning day 345! :muscle:

Thank you @Turtle and all others with your cheering post. Just love how you all support each other here. Remember you are not alone! We are in this together :muscle::pray:

@Gabe.G only 10 days to that year. March will be great!

Sun is shining here in Sweden on a beautiful snowy ground. Will go for a little run. Very proud of my countries winter olympics performance :sweden: Sweden has had the best olympic performance in history. Way to go :muscle:

Time to study here! Paper to turn in tomorrow and an exam on the same day :thinking:

Happy, sober Sunday! :sun_with_face:


Working in a bar sounds difficult in your position…or maybe you see bad examples everyday and is it a good place to work?!