Checking in daily to help maintain focus


That’s a big deal on changing up how you celebrate. You can still toast… maybe with a bowl of ice cream :slight_smile:


Thank you

Fags are cigarettes here in Essex, England! Dirty word really! :joy:


Thank you :grin:


Congrats to 4 days and the new car :grinning:


And most of all congratulations to the sober celebration :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks for all the congratulations, I feel good. But I can’t sleep. Is that normal in early sobriety?


Checking in on day 6 feeling exhausted after a heavy nightshift but looking forward to a few days off work now. Although evenings on my days off always trigger me to drink. I determined to stay strong this time.


You can do it!


Yes it is @Ninetales. Body is detoxing and this leads to insomnia. Take a nap when ever you can and allow yourself to rest. Be proud of yourself


How long does this go on?


Yes, it’s normal. It lasted some 4, 5 weeks for me. The quality of my sleep has improved.


Good morning day 362!

Tomorrow I will be Traveling to New York! The plan is to celebrate my one year there on Saturday (if I make it all the way) :shamrock:️:green_heart::shamrock:️ St Patricks day! Tomorrow night I will be going to the Atlantic Group. Anyone here from New York going to that meeting? See above! Would be fun to meet up :grin:

Thank you @Janzie and @happyfeet for your nice comments about me and my new big :heart:

Also I would like to say Congratulations to
@Rosey and @Elena to your big 90! :muscle: Well done! :pray:

Happy, sober Wednesday you all! :purple_heart::pray:


Day 72. Starting to feel like spring is on its way here. Saw some lambs last weekend…but most won’t be born till next few weeks onwards

The daffodils are getting ready to bloom

I have a busy day at work… a few difficult meetings and alot of horrible changes ahead…but I’ll weather them better sober
Have a great day folks


Morning! Day 3 which is always a difficult one for me so for my reason of the day I’m bringing out the big guns. Today’s reason is because my son cried on Sunday when he saw me pour a glass of wine. A moment of horror, shame and sadness for me and I don’t want to repeat it.


I’m giving one reason each day because I’m overwhelmed by the complications and stress of my situation so instead of having lots of reasons to quit I’m thinking of just one at a time


Checking in early on DAY 53 sugar-free & DAY 194 alcohol-free.

Good and fairly productive day, thankful it was no where near as shitty as the other day. It is like the rainbow after the rain :rainbow:

Good luck @mamador with your new job…yay :tada:

If ever there was a reason it is the :heart: for our kids @Li5a . Love your daily reasons.


Checking in. Really tough last night not to drink but somehow I done it
Day 11 :+1::+1:


Big 90 :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: @Uniek congratulations to you too :wink:


Thanks @Serenity007, I really appreciate it


Congrats on the big 90 !