Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Well done! Congrats !


Happy sober Wednesday all !

Checking in: Day 27 :blush:


Day 73. I’ve been feeling terrible anxiety recently. I do have a lot of emotional stuff going on which will be why. I’m not tempted to drink through it which I’m grateful for. The thought of it just now turns my stomach. Have a lovely easy day everyone :heart:


260 days sober and clean. All exams done, everything was perfect. :clap::pray:


Congrats!! You’re doing amazing :smile:


Day 53. Had a horrible dream last night about using, even using a drug I haven’t touched in 20 years. I was upset and crying in my dream, I was so mad I’d blown my 53 days. Was so relieved to realize it wasn’t real. Extra thankful this morning!!:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Day 268. My apartment is super clean! I put it off for so long and damn does it feel good to wake up to a much nicer living space. So, yes, I actually accomplished something on my to do list, one of the big ones. Today I am going to open a new credit card and transfer some debt and put a huge payment down on it. And get a primary care doc and make an appointment. First, I see my therapist. Dye my hair later. And a few other things. Haha, my days off haven’t been comprised of much relaxation time. But I will get these things done and relax with a book later!

Alrighty my dears, let’s get another tick on the ol’ counter!


Yes sober twin, congratulations for you too!


Hi @Li5a, good idea to focus on reason at a day. What about making a mantra for each day ? Like : " I don’t need you, I want to be sober mum" I have that voice on my shoulders telling me " oh come one… do deserve a drink after you hard day " I’m telling this voice " I don’t deserve a drink , I deserve a sober day! " love it waking up hangover free. Good sober day everybody :muscle:


Congrats, great work!!


Checking in. Day 428. One year, nine weeks sober. It’s March 14. Happy Pi Day. Great meeting last night. Always great to be with my peeps, i.e., people who get me. Stay sober. Life is good. So am I.


What a number of days @DrunkNoMore! Hope to get there too


You will. It’s just taking it one day at a time.


Thanks a lot




Thanks so much! Loving it already!


Day 70, nothing to report today, just life.


@Lola Great quote! Definition of insanity.


Good for you.


Day 23
I’m feeling ok.
It was my best friends sister’s bday last night.
It was good clean fun.
Woot woot