Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 5 for me today! Yaaay. I know it will get better as long as I DON’T USE. Keeping the faith. Hope everyone is well and bless u all :slight_smile:


RN I feel like:

I have lost the ability to even a/k/a. I can’t even

I don’t recall ever feeling like exasperated and hopeless like this. The world just seems upside-down now and nothing makes sense-- right is down and left is right. I HATE FEELING AND THINKING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING.

But i sit here and wonder how I would be dealing with it if I was still drinking. TBH that scares me and makes me grateful that I am still sober on day 168 and change.


Dude, story of my life. My therapist is always telling me, “sounds really exhausting in your head!” No shit! Haha!

My anxiety has been legendary the last month and a half which of course leads to me over thinking and over analyzing EVERYTHING! I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth. But I still have faith that things will get better and my body chemistry will level back out. I’ve been doing a lot of mental work and the last few days have seemed much better. Do whatever it takes to make it through. We will find our way somehow!


Hope you overcome it. Do you meditate? Huge anxiety reliever for me. I rarely experience it now.


Day 306 pushed through tiredness and went to the gym and feeling better for it. Going to collapse on my sofa now and watch the football :soccer:.


Day 72… made a good break through at work…maybe sometimes falling out with folk is what is needed when diplomacy hasn’t worked

Tonight I have an Italian lesson followed by zombies :sunglasses:


Day 266. Feeling kinda lazy. Watching Netflix and drinking way too much coffee.


Followed by zombies?


We are so close to 9 months! Yay, I’m excited! I too am being super lazy today. I cleaned my ass off yesterday and I’m tired.


What up twin! It’s nice out but freezing.


It’s cold and gloomy here, but I don’t mind it. Haha, easier to slip into my pjs and chill.


Its a weird (to me) situation for me. Anxiety, as I always knew it, would have pushed me to a raging Hulk mode or got my mind spinning so fast that I would virtually be paralyzed me. In either case, to return to normal, it would be a drink or more like drinks. I never dealt with the situation – rather I did nothing other than drink at it to make it pass and avoid dealing with it. Now – i am much calmer and clearer – but I think the I cant even’s may be my way of avoiding trying to deal with the situation. Nobody move and nobody gets hurt. Particularly since I can now see past the initial issues causing the problems today – and well it doesn’t seem to be pretty.


I hear ya. For me it was a handful of Xanax in the early part of the day followed by a ton of alcohol in the afternoon and evening. It’s sooo difficult to know that neither of the old options are available, especially since I’m not sleeping. Booze and Klonopin was my go to sleep plan. But we can try to fight this together friend!


That’s exactly what I’m doing. Gotta go job hunting tomorrow cuz the job I’m at right now isn’t exactly steady.


Those pesky zombies…follow me everywhere :blush:
Walking dead episode 40000000 …will it ever end!


Day 92 - been feeling triggered this afternoon and just need to surrender. I want to be sober, and I want to be happy.
Going to go read my list of reasons to stay sober now.


What’s a smart meeting ?


Your a brave soul @anon69871201. I admire you and respect you. No coffe???


I’m barely in the 5th season. Couldn’t stop watching at first every sunday, now I kind of fell off with it


How are you @fokusnik ? Hope you’re feeling better today.