Checking in daily to help maintain focus


8ttj season episode 9 I think… Some days it’s great and some days it’s boring… :blush: but I’m determined to see them all live happily ever after


It’s another alternative to traditional programs of recovery. I love it, but I also do AA as well, just not the steps. The workbook is great and there are always meetings 24/7 online. Some cities/towns have face to face meetings; you can search on the website and get more info here:


Checking in end of day 3. Stressful work situation but I can deal with things much better when I’m not hungover and it seems ok now. Glad I didn’t turn to alcohol when I felt upset. Night all


Hi fokusnik… smart stands for self management and recovery training… it’s a group session where people with addictions go… meeting lasts for 90 minutes starts with a check in…how have you been the last week… agenda setting e.g. cravings, triggers and then check out… group therapy…I love it :grin:


Checking in day 52 ! Saw , didnt watch SNL in a wgile but will catch up :slight_smile:


Checking in, day 1. Starting to feel slightly better. The house is a mess after yesterday’s “party” and I need to clean. I’ll try to clean my mind as well.


Checking in. Just finishing day 5 without drinking. Went to my first AA meeting tonight. I don’t think it was a very good meeting. I also didn’t feel like I belonged there. I’ll try some other meetings though before I give up on AA.


Great thinking! I’m struggling with maintaining my focus.! I’m glad to have you guys!. :slight_smile:


I had a dream last night too. I got so, so drunk, called in sick to work. And, like you, I was so angry at myself for having to reset. I was so happy and relieved to wake up this morning to realise it was just a dream.
I’m wondering if it’s my body’s way of telling me not to become too complacent yet! It worked!


Day 11. Crazy dream last night about being drunk. Feeling a bit rubbish this morning. Not sleeping that great and trying to keep busy. Feel pretty exhausted! But a cup of coffee and a shower should help!
Have a good day!


Congrats on the big 90!


Day 468. Had to sit in on a termination today at work for the first time… it was so uncomfortable and i felt terrible because I don’t think the person should have got let go… depressing stuff but I gotta do what i gotta do. Happy humpday


Never thought I’d get here after 2 of the worst weeks ever. But check in on day 100!! :smile:


Sober today and off to work. Checking in everyday really does help me. Hope ur well x


:notes:… Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… :notes:
Checking in at the airport. Waiting for an eleven hour flight. :airplane:
A bit nervous: airports are a trigger. Airplanes are a trigger (those cute little bottles of red wine) and hanging out with my sister for 2 weeks is a trigger. The first time we meet again after our dad died a year ago. But she nows why I am sober and so I am the only one responsible.
Start of day 251 :v:


Day 73…its been a really busy week this week…two days and then it’s the weekend

But it’s day 73 and I feel ok…just tired :blush:


Check in start of day 4. Not a big number compared to most here (congrats @Hoodie!!!) but it’s a good thing for me. Reason of the day Is to be a better employee. I love my job and have been f*king them over with working at about 40% capacity. I want to do better for myself and have my own ambition too. So here’s to a productive hangover free day at work. Morning everyone


Good morning day 363!
Good morning beautiful sunny day! :sun_with_face:
Good morning sober world! :purple_heart:

This is a big day, Traveling to NYC in 3 hours. On my way to the AirPort, filled with butterflies :butterfly: and Joy. I could not be happier this very minute. Life is stunning right now! That does not make me skip meetings. On the contrary, I will hit meetings everyday in NYC and make sure to pick up that 1 year chip on Saturday :muscle::pray:

To @oferta and @Uniek, big Congratz to your 90 days. Wohooo! :muscle::star:

If I have missed other anniversaries while scrolling well Congratz to you too. Actually Congratz to everyone for another 24h.

Big hugs from the very Happy swede :sweden: Loving life! :purple_heart:


Thank you @MissDuse! :kiss:
Checking in on day 91 and on my way to the 3 numbers :wink: