Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Have a fantastic trip and enjoy St Patricks Day in NY, it’s quite an atmosphere on and around 5th Avenue.



Day 269. Sleep really sucked last night. But I’m slowly waking up. My big toe on my right foot is killing me. I broke it about 12 years ago and was told it would become arthritic, seems to be what’s going on. The joint fused when it healed and the last week it’s felt like I needed to crack the kuckle, which I clearly can’t do. Not much fun. Guess I’m gonna have to start icing it.

Anyhoo, hoping to be busy at work. We’ve got some NCAA March Madness games in town today and Saturday so there should be a ton of people here through the weekend. Money! Yes please!

Let’s get another day people!


Day 74. I had a great sleep. Didn’t wake once. Got alot of work to do on the computer today. Feeling pretty good. No thoughts of drinking.


Have a great trip.


Day 307 and it’s my birthday. Having a quiet one and working at home today which I’m happy about. My friend is cooking dinner for me tonight so looking forward to that.


:balloon::gift::birthday: Happy birthday :birthday::gift::balloon:


Good morning Friends! I’m still kicking…


Happy birthday brother! Glad to hear that you have a solid, nice plan for your day!


Happy Birthday :tada::birthday::confetti_ball:


Checking in on DAY 54 sugar-free & DAY 195 alcohol-free.


Just take it day by day and focus on you, I know seeing other people’s numbers can be both inspiring and discouraging!


Day 54.
Feeling weird today. Restless. My mind is playing tricks on me a little, after my meeting last night I started having those thoughts of "what am I doing, do I really belong here?"
I know it’s my addict voice trying to convince me I’m ok and I’ve known that tougher days would come, so I’m just riding it out, sticking to my routine and having faith I’ll get back into a better mindset.
Sending peace and love out to everyone today! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday! Enjoy your day, and thank you for your wisdom and inspiration here.


We all get that, I often think it myself but don’t let it get you down. I reduced the amount of meetings I go to and usually just go to my group weekly which is recovery focused and positive about life rather than people lamenting about alcohol which I quickly got a bit annoyed with.

Most people in my group have completed the program and look forward in life whereas at some care and share meetings I found many were sober, sometimes for a long time but they just kept talking about alcohol constantly and hadn’t worked the program.


Day 170. Fighting off a cold and still sober.


Thank you. Yes last night at the meeting a lot of women were talking about their battles with extreme depression and it just got to be a little too much for me, not as uplifting as usual. It ended on a high note but still I left feeling down and it’s kind of stuck with me.
I’m going to focus on positive and motivating words and actions today–and be grateful for my 54 days!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY :tada::tada::tada: hope u will have a great day and enjoy your friends cooking and the laughs :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Enjoy your trip:) fingers CROSSED on the trip will be nothing but Great :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Day 92. My thought for the day: As long as there is air in your lungs your story is still being written. The ending is yet to be determined. Nothing is written in stone! Be the author of your life. Or better yet co-author with God.


Short night, exhausting day here … but I am home, proper food, sparkling water, turning in early. Oh, how the old me would have popped open a bottle…!

Selfcare. Also booked a retreat again in a convent, in May. Four days of contemplation and silence. Yes!