Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in end of day 4


Ha ha, we used to do that when I worked on my friends family farm with the belisha beacon flashing to see how many we cars we could get in the queue behind us.


Your awesome! Almost there and such an inspiration!


Day 108…a tough day dealing with my sons behavioural issues…but being sober meant that I dealt with him in a calm way… before this would have been a trigger…not now😁


Checking in day 53 ! Had a sunny day, worked all day in the garden , best medicine for me :slight_smile:


Checking in - just finished day 6. Nervous about the weekend. Because the weekend is for drinking, right?


Day 75. Time for a short review :green_heart:
My life already changed for the good. More money, clothes start to loosen (finally whoop whoop), I take care about my body again, I love reading and painting and found my spirituality again :pray: The time when my only hobby was drinking seems strange to me now. So much time wasted! And now it’s getting all better. I even try to change my job, more freetime becomes more and more important.
Today I only have to work 8 hours (usually 11-12) yaaay. After work I’m going to the book store, maybe I find something nice I can reward me with :wink:
Have a beautiful sober friday friends :kissing_heart:


End of day 12.

Last night was tough. My OH had been out for a beer after work and got back late to pick our son up. This caused a huge argument. And a major trigger. I fought it by going to bed at 7pm! Had a rubbish nights sleep and dreamt about drinking again. Only had 1 glass of wine in my dream. And convinced myself that I didn’t have to reset. But the dream revolved around bars, other people drinking and me being lonely.
Going to have to keep super busy to crack this weekend I think.
Happy Friday all!


I had my first dream where j drank. I was gutted when I woke up… nearly the weekend :slight_smile:
Tricky day ahead at work but then when I come home me and my youngest daughter are going to watch the new dc justice league movie :sunglasses:


I’ve lost 6lbs in 75 days and that’s just alcohol related. I feel humble most days. I am spending less…I’ve bought two new sets of cutlery and New stools for the kitchen … My goal for the year would be to try and buy a real sori yanagi butterfly stool or a George Nelson clock. Odd to think that’s possible if I cut out the crap I was pouring into my body



I will aim for the clock as it’s appropriate with the idea of it’s time to change


Day 1, time to start something special :fist:


Morning! Start of day 5 and I’m nervous about tomorrow when I have a conference and the usual social thing afterwards


Day 308 it’s Friday :smiley: have a great weekend everyone


¡Hola compadres!
End of day 38 / beginning of 39? Its 2 a.m. haha. Still having sleep issues, but I think that’s more related to a busy busy schedule this semester, and drinking copious amounts of caffeine :coffee::comet:
Life these days is good, busy, somewhat stressful, exciting and generally positive. I definitely feel good about putting my health before the silly desire to drink my life away :upside_down_face:!
I hope you all have a wonderful, inspired weekend!
:revolving_hearts: :frog::tulip::earth_americas::sun_with_face::revolving_hearts:


Day 270! 9 months! Yeessssss!

Slept so hard, when I slept. Did NOT want to get out of bed. But alas, have to make the monies. Haha, totally gonna start playing Powerball. What the hell. Picked out two sets of numbers yesterday, one using numbers related to my sobriety/recovery. Can’t win if you don’t play, right?

Here’s to another tick on the ol’ counter folks!


Good morning day 364!
Good morning New York!

I am currently located by the blue circle and will soon go to explore Manhattan today. Have a meeting planned by Union square at 1pm and a meeting tonight with my friends. The friend I a staying with has her birthday so we are going out after the meeting. Also to have a watch for me so I make it to midnight and my 1 year anniversary tomorrow :grin:

Thank you @NewPerspective @Cobaltchris
@DowntroddenGoat and @Bill_Phillips for your kind Greetings for my trip :green_heart: Also Congratz to @Modestakieran 9 months :muscle:

Time to get ready and explore NYC! :sun_with_face:
Lets do another 24h :muscle::pray:


I hope it’s a special trip for you! Soak it all up. And the people in NYC are just grumpy because they live on top of each other.


Glad you had a safe trip! Enjoy the city!