Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Rubbish day at work! Management changes ahead …some dubious decisions being made

But not drinking… :blush:


Hello friends! I’m having a great day and looking forward to a sober weekend!


Enjoy it. :+1:


Awesome , very happy for you :slight_smile:


Friday evening , relaxing still sober for that im grateful. Keep it easy mode . I hope we all do a minute by minute, hour by hour built it up to 24 hours and more to keep beliving in the power of the will to stay sober .best regards and dont forget to smile .keep up the spirit guys :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Im on milk and toast :blush:

And I don’t care…it feels nice… like I’m a kid again…my dad always made us toast when we were little… It’s a nice connection for me


End of day 5. Sweet dreams to everyone!


Checking in day 54 !


I’m 7 months today… my longest sobriety in 15 years!! :sunglasses:


I just hit 6 months clean and sober today… I can’t even believe I can say that. It just wasnt in the cards for me. Im just so thankful for having recovery in my life. I dont know how I would have been able to do it without my sponser, homegroups and the guys im getting clean with. Thanks for everyone on here too. I cant honestly say this helped me get clean but I do enjoy coming on here and sharing about stuff and Thank you to the other people on here staying clean and sober!




Checking in on day 93, tired but sober. Going to work today and to a concert in the evening.
Have a nice day everyone!


That’s awesome
:blush:well done !!!


Checking in after a grumpy evening and nightmares. Grrrrrr! But pleased to still be here.


This is how I feel today


Im at odds with the values with senior folk at work. Im going to lose good colleagues and my head is screwed up as to stay and fight or bugger off
But I’m not one to run away…but it’s turmoil
Today I’m taking it easy


Congratulation to all , living the life day by day . Warriors :muscle::muscle::muscle: Today is a good day , im wonder what will be the outcome of this day . What i know, i dont going to drink only wish it will be a good day and take whatever that comes with a bit patience and Gratitute. I choose to be positive and openminded . Here is to another 24hours guys .


Im hoping u will be fine , only good things :slight_smile: u losing colleagues can i ask why ?


Yep. Two large organisations merging. So new structures needed but a bit of nepotism going on
And some folk who’ve dedicated 15 years or more (And who are really good) will be displaced


Sorry . I feel like I’m always moaning
No wonder I’ve struggled with bloody alcohol
But I’m sob3r and focussed