Checking in daily to help maintain focus


U not moaning its good to vent it out . Let the stress out … business is shitty sometimes


I made it - day 365! 1 year, wow! :shamrock:

Having the time of my life in New York and could not ask for more in life right now.

Thank you all for being part of my Journey! I could never have done it alone :purple_heart::pray:


Congratulations! It has been fun to watch!


Congratulations to you :slight_smile: AWESOME :muscle::muscle::muscle: life is smiling and so worth living u looking good .


Good morning friends - had a great night of sleep, finally! Have an awesome weekend!


Good morning yourself :slight_smile: wishing you the same !!


Congratulations, enjoy your trip!


So many anniversaries lately!

@MissDuse, congrats on one year! What a great accomplishment. And you are able to celebrate it with friends in a wonderful place. Hope you have a wonderful time.

@Clay91, 6 months! I know you have been working so hard everyday just to get another 24 hours. Now you have a huge amount of days and can smile about a half year clean.

@Sky. Congrats on 7 months! Keep up the hard work girl!


Day 271. Yup, sleep, or lack thereof. Will it ever end? I’m sure it will. I have to be. Off to work to deal with the idiots all day. This has always been one of the days I HATE the most. Parade day, not necessarily actual St. Patties Day. But I’ll use all my wit and charm to ply drinking money out of all those kids (and a few adults) hands. Gotta make a living! :wink:

Let’s all push through another day!


Comhghairdeas agus Lá Shona Phádraig i Nua-Eabhrac


That is Irish for - Congratulations and Happy St Patrick’s Day in New York


Day 309 - Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone. For those of you who think it’s a day to get hammered, remember it’s true meaning is the birth of Christianity in Ireland brought by St Patrick with the shamrock being used to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans.

In Ireland, some people will go out and get drunk, but the majority don’t, it is a misconception of us. Many will go to Church, then to a festival to celebrate our culture of art and music, it is a family day where we are proud to be Irish and far from the stereotype, many of us are sober.



Happy St. Patrick’s! I love your country. I am also a Catholic who’d love to be part of the celebrations. The Irish people I know celebrate the way you’ve just described. A wonderful day!


Good job :pray::heart: It’s really hard when those strange feelings roll in, I so can relate to that. It overwhelmed me so often and still does. I watch a movie for example and I see something beautiful and have to cry…then something sad happens and me? Cries :joy: Like a rollercoaster. And those feelings are so freaking intense, the good and the bad ones! But I’m glad I have them back!


There are so many beautiful things you will realize again now :rainbow::sunny: For me it felt like I was blind, but now I see.


Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations :purple_heart::heart::green_heart::purple_heart:


Day 76. A rainy and grey day again in good old germany :umbrella: I was so exhausted yesterday after work, I just ate something and packed myself on the couch to sleep. I slept 5 hours yesterday and 8 hours last night and still feel tired ugh.
Going grocery shopping now and then? I think today I’ll stay lazy :joy::kissing_heart:
Have a beautiful sober saturday friends :heart::pray:


Day 76. I slept past mid day!! Not only that but i went to bed early and also fell asleep yesterday evening n front of the tv. So ive had loads of sleep. Today is sunny it is trying to snow. Hopefully the worst of it will pass us by.


Yesss!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you. It’s been inspiring to see your days go up and up. Thanks for being here to share your journey!:blush::clap::clap::clap:


Day 56. Off to my oldest daughter’s first track meet of the season, she’s going to run the 400 and the 800, she is better at the longer runs vs the speed races. Parents have to volunteer so I’ll be manning the high jump for a couple hours with no idea what the hell I’m doing :joy:
Happy sober Saturday friends!


Kudos @MissDuse on one year. Brooklyn Bridge?