Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in. Day 431. Happy Sober St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick was a Christian missionary from England credited with converting Ireland to Christianity in the AD 400s. So, it would appear to be more appropo to visit a church today rather than a bar. As for myself, I will be celebrating with a Sprecher root beer and a corned beef sandwhich.


Coming up on 4 months in a few days… i guess that that’s something.


Checking in after my first 24 hours sober. I want to be here every day and be able to say that.


Congratssss ! 9 months Yesssssssss ! Thats it, the mf yesssss !!!

@MissDuse Just Awesome !!

I see a lot of serious milestones and that is awesome , hope to get there ! Can i get to 360 days in 27+83 days :slight_smile:

No shortcuts , just to get there !!!


Checking in on DAY 56 sugar-free & DAY 197 alcohol-free.

Happy anniversary @MissDuse and many more to come :tada: yay :birthday:


Day 75. Tried to go the barber’s but it was busy

Ok. My plan is to go home and cut my hair myself…surely nothing can go wrong


@MissDuse. Look at that glow. So proud of you! I hope your trip is going great. It’s been a pleasure to be on the forum with you. Congratulations and never turn back.


Day 15 went very well. :blush: so Happy.


Yes Of course thats something :slight_smile: pretty big if u ask me and amazing :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Very good keep at it :slight_smile: :muscle::muscle::muscle: everyday is a blessing in its own.


Day 26
It is st.pattys day.
While alcohol was never my d.o.c. It is tempting to go catch a buzz buuut, that would lead me in a downward slope to coke and coke leads me to meth. Sooo idk. My best friend asked me to sober cab and since he is a chill drunk I might just do that.
All the awesomeness of going out with none of the hangover lol.
Idk I’m trying to put positive spin on this.

I hope everyone stays strong and vigilant today!!
If no one has told you this today"I love you" and “You’re awesome”


Waking up on my 8th day of no drinking. So, 1st clean week complete! Haven’t done that in 20 years. I really want just one cold beer.


Day 21!



Day 110… feeling good…and have joined the gym…did a 5k run… now to start to lose some weight :grin:


Checking in day 93 :slight_smile:


That’s really neat to know! I had no idea, never bothered looking it up, my bad. Happy St. Patrick’s day to you @NewPerspective!


Sad. Really… Really sad today. I reset last night, was at the bar til 2:30 and slept in for work. Cried for like an hour. Feel like I’m being a bit emotionally taken advantage of by my family so I acted out. I’m in a dark hole today.




This is amazing and motivating! Congratulations!


Day 23 don’t remember doing this ever since after the age of 14. I’m up and down like a tarts knickers. Im scared I will drink again. But over all I feel bloody fabulous.