Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Just take it day by day
23 days is brilliant
Keep going and staying so positive!


And of day 75… first Saturday in a while I didn’t fancy a drink… I would like to do something more exciting tho than drink milk and eat toast on a Saturday night :joy: but it’s a good place to start


Hi BeccaLinney-brush yourself down and start again…I know it’s tough but everyone on this forum will have lapsed at one time or many times before…me included…last time was really bad! Keep checking in everyday you can do this :grin: I am rooting for you … stay strong


Thank you so much everyone for your birthday wishes. Made it to two meetings today. I got my coin around my neck. Got to celebrate with my good friends, a cake and all :grin: Now we are doing kareoke and it’s past midnight. Hello day 366 :grin::pray:


Congratulations! And happy birthday! You look so happy. You are an inspiration.


Just finishing 8 days here. Today was a bit difficult, but I didn’t drink. On to day 9!


Checking in at 79 days!
It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I decided to end things with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years. It’s a good thing, but a hard decision to make.
I’ve also been having little thoughts about using. Like a part of my brain is trying to convince me that I could have a little and be fine, which I know is not the case. I feel like if I didn’t have this forum, even if I’m not that active here, I couldn’t have made it this long. I appreciate everyone here so much.


15 Days Sober. Never got past this point. Feeling hopeful! Have a great sober Sunday everyone!


First night in a long time I have been able to go a night without being drunkenly obliterated. Planned a snowboarding trip with my son and I know that once I get one night in my belt I can push through.
I am thankful for AA and this support.


Wow! Congratulations!! Well done!!:facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


Don’t be to hard on yourself. Dust yourself up and move on! Quiting alcohol is sometimes 3 steps forward and 1 backwords, but you are still moving forward!! :facepunch:


Checking in on day 94. Ivwas at a concert yesterday and it was awsome! I had a wonderfull time! A lot of beer around me but I didn’t drink and it felt ok.


Day 76. More snow here… wrecked my skype lesson… pants week…work affects my studying
…if I don’t study j don’t learn…the interent plays up as of the weather and I’m feeling I’m getting nowhere

Ok… brush myself down and start again. Next week will be better


This is so superb :slight_smile: what a coin to wear :grin::grin: very very good !!


I hope your day will be better , do something you can enjoy , i wish i wish :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: it will get better


Checking in end of day 4 :v: it’s 38° today :sunny:️:sunny:️:sunny:️ it’s late but I’m trying to make a proper iced coffee. I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway tonight!


Day 272. Made it through drunk people yesterday, now it’s national hangover day (in the US). Sunday’s are always filled with hungover customers, today will be a hell of a lot worse.

Yesterday was really hard because my dishwasher and I were the only ones that didn’t reek of booze. My one server was having panic attacks all day because she was severely hung over. The one cook couldn’t even say her name without looking like she wanted to die. No one had their shit together even a little. It made for a suck day. But we made it through. Had to keep my anger and irritation in check.

So, today will be a little hard, but I will make it through! Let’s get this people!


Checking in on DAY 57 sugar-free & DAY 198 alcohol-free.

Hope everyone had a safe and shenanigans-free St Patrick Day weekend :four_leaf_clover:


I’m back in shame, conflicted. I want to have something happy to report. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. The next two weeks are important. If what I’m doing now doesn’t work I’ll get myself to AA or similar. Today’s reason is that I want to stand up tall.


Sorry you are struggling, AA might just have the answers, it certainly did for me so please do consider it and keep an open mind if you do go. If it’s not for you then at least you will have explored that option.

Day 310 here, I remember seeing people with progress and longer term sobriety in my early days thinking I would never manage to be like them, but it is very possible.