Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Sober is definitely better :blush:

Nearly the weekend :blush:


Day 108
Good day at work…busy but good. Then an Italian lesson (e’ impossibile) and then did some weights with my son… God that hurt …it’s been years…but I know what I need to do…
I don’t mind being out of shape and sober. I’ll sort it out… I am not drinking again. I feel more resolute each day as I can see the endless possibilities which sobriety offers me
Have a fab evening folks


32 days for me today and no urge to drink at all. On vacation to sunny UK :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Two words usually not seen together!
Sunny UK!

Have a great trip.


That’s very nice to hear, thank you! I’m still counting day by day, helps me keep my balance and reminds me that inside I’m still addicted as hell. Also reading all the comments helps me a lot. No matter if small or big numbers every story reminds me of the fact that I am not alone in this and that means so so much. So: thank you too! :heart:


People are stupid, I want to throat punch everyone who looks at me, so angry today. My husband is driving me crazy simply for his mere existence.

Anywho, day 31. Hopefully I make it through.


A shirt for you


You can make it!


Haha. I don’t know what our word is yet so I have adopted Fluffycats


:heart: goodbeards



Love it @MissDuse


What a powerful message!!


Checking in today at 205 days sober.


How did it go ?


Just finishing day 41. Looking forward to seeing my favorite 9-yr-old tomorrow.


Checking in on day 110.
Busy day ahead, just got informed that now the 4th coworker is sick :sob: This slowly becomes unmanagable. Sigh. 71 days til my new job.
At least I’m sober and this evening 2 friends and I will go out having dinner :+1: Both are non-drinkers :+1::+1:


Had a great night with beerloving friends. Glad they have some tasty non alcoholic Beers in belgium.

Great fun and no hungover.



Good morning day 399! Great number :wink:
Good morning meditation day 33! :pray:

Let’s create a world where people, places and things can flourish. Just for today :cherry_blossom:

Sun is shining :sun_with_face: and will be all day with over 20 degres Celsius.

Time for thesis writing but I will only write for about 3 hours today! Then enjoy the sunshine :grin: Summer today, Yey :blush:

Just so you know, you can stay sober one more day :muscle:

Love to you all :purple_heart:


71 days will fly by. The sooner your out of that job the better