Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Good move, alcohol free beer is very risky, it has bought me undone during a previous attempt to stop drinking.


Yep… I’m steering clear. It’s the whole routine I need to avoid…using a certain bottle opener./glass etc
No. It may work for some folk but for me not

Day 109
This weekend I am dragging myself out on my bike.
Which will feel awful as it’s v hilly here… but I need to get back into cycling. I miss cycling across the moors… in any weather…love seeing the weather move across the sky. There’s been times I’ve been caught in a hails storms and it’s just made me feel so alive. ( very wet too !) I miss it. So…that needs to start again. I love cycling on my own. Time to just switch off…
It wasn’t beer which stopped my cycling or.climbing. …we had too many major life events at once and it took it’s toll

No alcohol free beer for me
Tonight: time with my family
Tomorrow sort my bike out and grasp the nettle
Have a fab day folks


What can I say @Timetochange… I always bring the weather :grin::grin::grin:


Day 41. Today is Friday and I have no concerns about getting thru the weekend without a drink and that’s a beautiful thing!!! Time has certainly changed a lot for me. My brain is running on overtime these days, I feel it’s making up for lost time and will settle back down soon enough. I’m up 4 hours earlier than I should be today but instead of being irritated, I’m actually psyched I’m not up because I’m drunk and sick. I don’t miss going into work on those days, booze still on my breath from the night before. Such a great shift and I’m feeling proud this morning! Hope you all have a fabulous day!


I am up early too!


Checking in day 127 sober. Last day working today and then 1 week vacation :eyes::love_you_gesture: But long day work ahead, untill 20.30.
4 days before my new tattoo :grin:


Yay for vacation! Got any big plans?


Day 305. I get to be a cook today! I LOVE being a cook. Did it for 7 or 8 years. Had to stop because I got tennis elbow then had a drunken wrestling accident where a friend of mine fell on me and destroyed my wrist. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because I was managing the whole restaurant from the kitchen and shortly after we had to stop splitting tips between the cooks and servers. Damn I miss all the money I mad back then! But yeah, I still love getting back in the kitchen every now and then.

So off I go. Another 24 hours and I’m gonna kill it!


Day 21 was yesterday! Three weeks of no hangovers! :clap:


Friday night, cpl hrs off 14days! Lying in bed with the other half watching The avengers and eating chips while it rains outside. Perfectly happy and looking forward to another weekend of bushwalking adventures as long as the rains not too bad!


90 days today!! :blush:
Feeling proud of myself but also can’t believe it. I could barely string together 4 days when I started really trying to get sober about 6 months ago. I was struggling in all areas of my life and I felt trapped by alcohol.
Slowly that is all changing. I can feel my mind and body healing. I finally feel like I’m free. There’s still lots of work to do, but I’m definitely on the right path and I’m not going back.
Happy Friday…let’s all get another sober day together. :blue_heart:


Checking in day 33! Got my chip last night! Stay strong and have a great weekend!


Those chips are nice little reminders. And that one is a tough one to get. Be proud.


Day 16😊 I had an incredibly busy evening last night, organizing my son’s high school lip sync battle, they put the show on to benefit Marjorie Stoneman HS. Anywho, after leaving the school around 8pm, and dropping off a couple of the kids, I was passing my usual liquor store, and boy oh boy, was I ever tempted to stop!! Instead, I hit the gas and sped by, lol!! Happy to wake up sober!


Way to go!


Congratulations on this milestone :heart::heart::heart: It feels awesome how body and mind are changing to the better right? I wish you many many many following sober days :kissing_heart:


Day 20, Sunny day and wknd ahead, feeling optimistic and strong! Spring cleaning and cleaning up the yard/patio to keep busy and to stay distracted. Have a great wknd all! :slight_smile:


Day 28! 4 week!, a short month! Adding one more day today


Day 448, feeling very excited today, sun is out and I am meeting a friend I really like. Have a great sober day everyone! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Hey hey, glad to see you excited!