Checking in daily to help maintain focus


No big plans, visiting family, go to the beach, go to a concert and getting my tattoo.


That sounds fabulous! :slight_smile: Share pictures of it when you can!


I’m extremely proud of myself. It was a little rough but I made it


That’s so beautiful!!!
Hey y’all!!! Checking in at day 35!!!


Checking in at day 54!! Playing this fantastic game with anxiety meds is a hella ride for me. These Buspars are knocking me out and at 2 a day, I was out of it all damn day yesterday! Happy Sober Friday. Its the freakin weekend!! Stay safe, strong, and sober :muscle:


Day 129. Leaving work early today to meet up with some friends who are a positive influence on my sobriety. Looking forward to some time with my wife tonight and a drive through the Northwoods of Minnesota tomorrow.


Day 109 .time for a DVD

I’m fed up of dressing like an Eskimo…but it’s finally feeling like spring .

I was talking to a friend who lives near Florence in Italy and they had been picking wild asparagus from a local woods…??? I can’t even imagine that…

But there are lots of lambs here now…and the evenings are drawing out…

I can’t wait till the foxes have cubs as they are great to watch…but that’s probably in a month or so ?.have a fab evening folks


Day 144…it’s been a good week and i was really happy for one of my friends…he has got the all clear on his liver…no scirrosis… he was a very heavy drinker…as long as he stays sober he will be fine…but definitely a reminder for me to stay sober too… have a great weekend everyone :grin:


Had a sunny day at the beach in the North East again @Timetochange :heart_eyes::sunglasses: really a lovely day it was


Day 33 for me here sober and happy


Had a great funny evening with my friends. One of them had Cocktails today (usually she doesn’t) and offered me her drink, she wanted me to have a sip. But I said no thanks and had my Mocktail instead.
And I did something I would have never ever done when I was drinking. There was an Ambulance near our restaurant helping a man in need. Some ppl watched that. But one older women started making pictures. Everybody around us was embarrased, but nobody did something. The woman started again making pictures. I immediately went to her and stopped in front of her cellphone asking her that this what she’s doing is a shame. I said shame on you lady, imagine you would lay on the floor with a heartattack and everybody is making pictures of you. She stopped, put her phone away and left the place.


Three months!! Congratulations!


Congrats on 90 days!! :rose::rose::rose:




Day 1. Starting again after 11 days sober


Thank you :slight_smile:




Never give up.


On day 28, and can’t believe I’m almost at the 30 day milestone. I feel grateful for the lesson I learned from relapsing, and I’m excited about discovering life again through a sober lens.


I’m at a BBQ restaurant. I really want to order a beer. I don’t think they even have any beers I would like, but I still want one. I ordered a diet Coke, but it’s gone now, and the bar’s right there, and …