Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Stay strong…
Call someone from your list
Make sure you check in when you get home
Ill be thinking about you


Thanks. I’m struggling. My thoughts “Just one beer. Resetting isn’t that big of a deal. I can start over tomorrow.”


How many days do you have…


Today is day 41. I looked at the beer menu. They have one of my favorites.


Today is the only day that matters


I know it can be tempting, but the best part of sobriety is recognizing you are strong. Ill be up all night. I sleep 3 hours a night. I really hope u get another diet coke, and check in when you get home. I as well was a bit squirrely today, but i remembered all the reasons im fighting for the sobriety in the first place. I think calling someone from your circle would do wonders! Or even just leave if it gets to that. Your sobriety is number 1.


Weve never even met, and i truly am pulling for you tonight. Youll be on my mind until you check in later. You can do it ninetales!


Way proud of my sober twin


400 One Day at a time :pray::muscle:
Towards Happy Destiny!


I’m thinking about you as well Ninetales. That demon will tell you starting over isn’t a big deal, but you already know the disappointment you would have in yourself if you did do that. So instead of feeling that disappointment, keep your happiness, keep your sobriety!!! Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…we do this one day at a time. 41+1…you got this Ninetales, I believe in you, WE believe in you. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Hope it went ok

Day 110 here. The last time I got to 90 days I felt so much internal pressure about the idea of relapsing was inevitable. This time though I just feel ok

Yes they have the beer on the list you like … but life is outside the beer you like. … it’s everything else in the world which makes your life better which you need to go after
Take care


Day 344, this weather change in the UK is nice, but now my hayfever is making me want to rip my eyes out. :sob:


On a positive note, 3 weeks and I’ll be a year sober and I know I’m going to make it and beyond. Alcohol always made hayfever worse and didn’t mix well with the antihistamines.

Sobriety is a much more positive way of life, we just have to find it.


Day 29! Here is hoping it is less exciting as day 28!


Nearly day 15 :blush:. Did some hiking adventuring today. Nearly got eaten alive by leeches! I even discovered 3 of them inside my sock,in between my toes. Sock covered in blood and it didnt stop bleeding for 3hrs! All in all was a pretty good day. Lets see what tomorrow brings!


Day 111, I :heart: this numbers :heart_eyes:
The weather is beautiful again today so I’m going to the city for shopping something nice for me, maybe a necklace or new sunglasses…or both :innocent:
But first :coffee:
I wish you a beautiful sober saturday friends :green_heart::icecream::blossom::rainbow::sunny:


That is beautiful, sucks about leeches!


Pun intended? :joy:


Ofcourse! :grin:


21 days! Shared at a meeting today. Starting to be more accepting of the kindness in the rooms. Friendships have improved. Still very tired and am sleeping all the time but slowly I am feeling better and doing things that I used to. Grateful to be sober today :sunflower: