Checking in daily to help maintain focus


3 weeks is huge! Congrats!


Thank you!!


Day 306. Damn my sleep sucks again. Mad anxiety last night after a medium anxiety day. But still not as bad as a few weeks ago. Good news is we will be CRAZY busy today at work and I’ll be running my ass off. No time to really get anxious. It will be frustrating because of all the students and alumni will want to sit and eat together and we don’t really have any big group options, but I’ve done this many times before. Haha, I get some satisfaction out of saying no over and over.

So here is to mucho monies and getting to be a control freak!

Let’s have a Sober day everyone!


serenity prayer3

Day 240, lacking motivation lately, over worked and tired but not giving up.


Day 42. It’s finally sunny here today all day! Woot woot! Busy day planned with shopping, cleaning and celebrations. Feeling pretty meh about my to do list today so I’m going to also make sure to make time to do something I want to do in between! :blush: Have a great day everyone!


Hoping you chose something else.


Wow, thanks. Such a supportive post! I wish I had seen it a few hours earlier, before I gave in and had that beer. I am so touched by all the support I was offered last night, but I don’t think anything was going to stop me from having that beer. So, thank you so much. Maybe next time I’ll let my support help me.


I didn’t :frowning: but I only had the one, and reset immediately. So, there’s that.


I gave in and had one beer. But it tasted awful! And I just had the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. I don’t think I’ll be relapsing again any time soon. But, one day at a time, I guess.


:blush: today is a new day


I could not go to sleep or stay asleep. I laid down at 11 and didn’t fall asleep until 2. Then I woke up at 5, laid there til 6:30, then gave up and got working. It’s probably more than just the beer though. I’m in a hotel room with awful pillows, and without my dog jammed up against my kidneys. I also have a ton on my mind about a certain child we’re visiting.


Leeches?! Where were you hiking?? Yikes! Beautiful pic btw.:blush:


Hope you find rest soon and the rest of your wknd is a good one. :heart:


Also on day 21! Have a great wknd!


Day 91. Got my 90 day chip at my meeting last night so that meant a lot to me.
Off to kids’ track meet and softball game today. And, our neighborhood swimming pool just opened for the season and it will be 80 degrees here today, so my afternoon will be spent poolside with my book and an iced tea while the kids swim. Finally, warm weather!
Let’s stay sober on this beautiful Saturday. :hugs:


Day 110
Cutting the grass. Dear God I need a couple of.goats or sheep
They’d keep it short


Day 1. Tired, but ready for the fight.


Hi I just joined and have 4 days sober today, not quite sure how this forrum works :grinning:


I guess I’m back, relapse on weed after 135 days, now I’m 12 days clean, it sucks.


Welcome! To the forum.