Checking in daily to help maintain focus


We never give up!


Congrats! Serenity.


Welcome to the board. Join in a enjoy this group.


Woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning on day 5! Feeling just really tired lately but Not hungover! So success :wink:


As I mentioned on another one of the pages, I have had to reset, but I’m trying again. I’m going to make more of an effort to check in here more regularly, I kind of got out of the habit, and that probably wasn’t a great thing to do!
Still, I know that it’s the right thing to do.


Had a great day! Walked 20 km in the sun in a beautiful envirement. A special walk true fields with blooming apple and cherry trees.Talked with friends. Now tired but happy. Day 128 sober.


Good for you! When I would drink I always had voices in my head saying one more it’s ok just don’t have a drink tomorrow. So whilst you have voices in your head now they are out won by positive ones saying a firm no good for you!


56 days today; I never could have done it without y’all! :heart:

Volunteering at church for a YoungLife overnight retreat and hooooly moly forgot how much energy I had as a teen, they won’t stop talking. ┐(´д`)┌


Good luck!


@Thirdmonkey thanks!


17 days😊 Busy day! My youngest son had an audition for a music scholarship this morning, can’t believe the baby of my 3 kids is graduating HS next month! And now getting him ready for prom. An emotional, yet amazing day!


Main range national park,qld.


Day 110. Cut the grass. Did some weights (it hurt) went for a bike ride (it hurt even more!)
I am now watching tv. That won t hurt


Fourteen days. Two weeks alcohol free. My brain is certainly clearing. Concentration and memory has improved markedly. Feeling tried still. Maybe I’m riding my bike too much, :slight_smile:
Have a happy, blessed and sober Sunday.


Glad I am not alone. Sometimes I feel judged in the meetings. Nice to know I’m not the only one resetting. Even tho I had more consecutive days than I have had in years. I still feel like a failure, feel so alone. If you can get back up, so Can I. Thank you


The fact that you’re willing to get back at it is proof you’re not a failure. The only failures are those who choose to never reset after they fall. You’ve got this!


Thank you brother. Day two sober. I think sometimes I am a waste but you are right I can not give up


I have set foot on all but one continent…never met a person that was a waste. We all have a purpose


Thank you. I have hard time looking at the past. My failures and sins are haunting me


Dude, i have a crap ton of those…we all do…does t make us a waste.