Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yay for so many days, everyone! … and yay for ginger beer, too! It has that bite that I crave. One week down for me. Next goal is double digits. I’ve done it once, so know I can do it again.


The husband and I are debt free, and he makes decent money. I’m sure I’ll get bored and find a part time job eventually, but retiring at 34 is going to be awesome. Especially since we are buying a beach house. :blush:


You freaking rock! I absolutely love your attitude and your determination


You CAN do it. :blush:


Sobriety has definitely helped my outlook on things.


Well, I wouldn’t know much about that… my last girlfriend, whom I loved very much, somewhere along the road got sick of me (not surprising, I suppose) and kept our relationship going just as long as I kept paying her bills. It took me quite a while to clue in, but the fact that she would never even address me by name, to say nothing of anything like “sweetheart”, should have given me a better idea of what was going on.
Since then, and this is going back a good 4 or 5 years now, I just can’t seem to find anyone. It seems that the women in this country aren’t keen on foreigners, even ones who speak all of the necessary languages, they just don’t seem to be willing to give it a go. I’ve tried websites, even an actual agency… nothing.
Maybe I should just get used to the notion that I’m a) not good-looking enough, or b) not interesting enough, or c) not young enough, or perhaps d) not wealthy enough… probably a combination of all of the above.

Anyway, things are going all right as far as staying away from alcohol goes. I’m in today 17 now, and feeling quite well, no cravings or anything like that. I’m over being annoyed at myself as a result of having had to reset, and I’m just focusing on going forward from here.
I just have to remember my mantra (thanks to Alan Carr), namely “I’m not DEPRIVING myself of anything, I’m FREEING myself”.
Certainly, one of the many nice things about not drinking alcohol is the fact that, whenever I decide to, I can just pop out and jump in the car or (even better) jump on my motorcycle and go for a ride… which I will probably do in a little while. It’s nice NOT having to think about what I may or may not have had in the way of alcoholic drinks. It’s actually quite comforting!
Other than that, I guess that I’m feeling a little cheerier today than may have been the case yesterday. You would think that, by now, I would be accustomed to loneliness and depression and a host of other wonderful feelings… seemingly not.

Well, I should get back to work, I suppose. Then again, it’s a nice sunny day here in this corner of Switzerland… perhaps a little motorcycle ride…


You could come over to mine and cleaning windows :wink: joke aside… plan some nice activities for yourself like going on a lo g walk, workout at gym, start reading a new book , whatever works for you. Hope you enjoy your time and stay strong. Good luck!


Hey there, this year I am 10 years single. And I’m still alive :wink:
Sometimes (like 2 weeks ago or so) it bothers me, but mostly not any more.
I never could have had a healthy relationship while drinking or (before I started drinking) beeing on benzos.
I want to get stable in my sobriety and then I’ll give relationships a chance :blush:


My day 1s are getting further and further apart. Let’s do this!!


Haha nice idea, can do that if everything else will fail :smile: But going for a walk and reading a book sounds good. I get bored very easily, though. So that won’t cover the whole week, but I’m sure I can find more stuff to do. Thank you! Have a lovely day :slight_smile:


Day six. Beautiful weather and day off work … this would ordinarily send me straight to the pub but played the scenario out in my head and how I would end up - and made the definitive decision NO. Went for a walk and bought a book.


Ja, ik dus ook :innocent:


Day 123. I hate myself and I hate living. Been feeling down for a solid 3 weeks now and I’m kinda done with it. Immense cravings. Idk what I’m doing it for, well I do but I don’t care. Negativity got the better of me, as most of the times.


Hang in there man, you’re probably just going through P.A.W.S, it happens to many of us.


E hugs to you friend, hang in there. Is there anything we can do to help you? Any idea why you are having all of these feelings? I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling down.


Thanks for worrying about me Jenny. I am still sober. It wasn’t that bad. It was a party that the biology faculty had for the graduating seniors, so no one went crazy with the drinking. I stuck to my ginger beers. There was one point that was sort of dicey… I was in a camping chair with bottle holders, and a friend sitting next to me was putting his drink in one of them. I looked down and it was a guiness, my kind of beer. It occurred to me that I could “accidentally” take a drink and see what it tastes like now. But I didn’t. I ended up leaving early because I wasn’t really having much fun. Anyway, yes, still sober. Working on day 16 I think.


Will be 19 days in 26 minutes :grinning:


Stay strong friend, Bill is right it possibly could be PAWS. These feelings will pass, it just takes some time for your body to adapt.


Yeeeey, you go girl :muscle::muscle::muscle:

You know we are always an arm length away from that first drink. Good thing you didn’t try it. Yey :grin::star:


Good job in not accidently having this beer :+1::muscle::blush: