Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 2 but willing to march ahead a day at a time


Day 112, having a break from balcony- and window-cleaning. Such a mess lol, it’s completely covered in pollen :blossom::scream: I am sneezing all the time haha but it has to be done before the weather gets bad. In some hours a huge thunderstorm is going to hit my area. I love thunder!
How are you sober warriors spending your sunday?


I have an exam tomorrow so studying on here lol…i mean on notebook…


Girl, I can’t WAIT for thunderstorms! We had a wicked one a few weeks back and it just made me so happy. I think they are the closest thing to a religious experience for me. Oh how all my problems and worries seem so insignificant when the power of a storm rolls in. Puts things in perspective for sure!


Yeah, thunderstorms makes me feel reverent :green_heart:


Day 307. Back to exhausted everyday. But today will be busy at work so I won’t be able to think about it for a while. I have the next three days off because I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I can somewhat balance out a bit. Today should be another good day at work. All the alumni coming into town are so happy to come in and eat and they seem to love me when I tell them it’s time to sit down. All the excitement is infectious!

Here’s to making a million bucks and staying clean another day!


Day 112
Good afternoon everyone. I slept until mid day! I’m spending the day in the garden getting my jobs done out there and enjoying the weather before it turns. I had an energy drink yesterday and felt like i was on speed for hours. I wont be drinking that again. Although it did help to get my jobs done. Have a lovely Sunday whatever yous are upto :heart:


I had an energy drink on friday, I don’t know if you know the old Duracell advertisment? I felt like this rabbit, I was going on and on and on and on lol


Day 24! Yesterday was my daughter’s 22nd birthday and at lunch, I was not even tempted to order 3 glasses of wine like “old me” would have easily done. I’ve finally started sleeping better and my memory is also becoming sharper. All good stuff. Still, the best part for me is no hangovers. I realise I mention that a lot in my check ins, because looking back, it was just a terrible way to start the day. Broken sleep, shame, anxiety, nausea, stomach issues, dehydration, grey skin. How can anyone have a good day dealing with that? I truly shake my head at my own past behaviour. So not doing that again!! Happy Sunday :blush:


Where did you get those chips from. They are cool.


Checking in day 507. On a staycation with the gf in downtown chicago for the weekend
They gave us a card for 4 free drinks a piece at the hotel… where was this service when I was drinking? Haha threw them out right away though. Happy Saturday


Day 1. I will get there. I’ve got my plan printed out. Time to start using it.


The AA meeting I go to gives them out. I’m sure all AA groups do the same. You can find one close to you.


Day 92. Going to finally do some step 4 work today, I’ve still managed to put it off since I’m a little intimidated by it but I will make some progress today! Also going running and to the farmer’s market to get some produce and support my local farmers. Happy Sunday all!:blush:


Wow 401 what an awesome number of days. Well done


Beautiful Sunday morning, sitting in the sun, on my now spotless back porch listening to all the birds and critters in the woods. Felt so strong on Friday, but honestly felt like crap most of yesterday and when I woke up today. Felt like a hangover with head and back ache that advil couldnt seem to fix. But, happy to report I havent had a drop of alcohol. Used the hot tub instead. :slightly_smiling_face:More chores and some outdoor fun with the fam today. Have a nice sober Sunday! :sun_with_face::black_heart:


Good afternoon, everyone, I hope that everybody is having a good Sunday. Over here in my part of Switzerland, the weather has been crazy beautiful these last couple of days. I’ve been out on my motorcycle every day for the last 4 or five days, which is pretty amazing for April! The weather is supposed to return to “normal” in a day or two, but it certainly has been enjoyable.
Other than that, I’m at about 3.5 days now… i’m still annoyed with myself at having had to reset, and for a while I even considered NOT resetting and just trying to ignore my lapse, as it were, but I decided that it would be best to be honest with myself and, yes, with everyone on this forum as well.
Over here in Europe, it’s crazy how easy it is for alcohol to be everywhere. This morning, just for the heck of it, I went to check out a little flea market in a small town some 20 km or so away from here, and of course they had a little stand with cakes and pies and coffee and tea and… wine and beer! I don’t think that any liquor licence of any kind is required, actually, it’s just up to everyone to be “responsible”.
Obviously I only had a piece of cake and a coffee, before roaring off on my motorcycle.
Anyway, I’m hoping that by the time I get back to Canada in July for a family event, that I will be more “solid” with regard to staying on the wagon.
I guess that I should keep repeating that mantra to myself… going without alcohol is not DEPRIVING myself of anything, it’s FREEING myself.
Have a nice day on your side of the pond.


Wow, a garage that actually can fit a car in it! That may be the first time I’ve seen that lol. Though, if I had your car I would park it in there too!


Day 345 got my balcony plant pots filled for spring. Also trying a herb garden. The things you think about when drunk, you actually do them when sober. Who’d have thought :thinking:


So true! I have so many things I want to do now but not enough hours in the day! :grin: