Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in day 18 and feeling alive, have a great sober day everyone :bat:


Day three. You are not alone. We will climb this mountain toguether with our Higher Power


Day 450, spent the weekend in the alps. I keep forgetting how healing nature is. Need to spend more time outside. Keep it up everybody! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Checking in day 35!


Day 15 but just!
At the weekend my wife returned from visiting her sister who lives interstate.
She was tired, cranky and being quite a “b”.
I was sleep deprived yesterday and the combination of these things was triggering some very strong thoughts about getting on the drink.
Thankfully, I persevered and I think I have identified a dangerous trigger. (my wife LOL)
Hopefully I can learn and develop some strategies for this situation which I am sure will raise it’s ugly head again.
Today is a new day, I’m feeling more positive and thankful for still being sober and not waking up hung over and full of regret.
To all, keep going and have a happy sober day.


Day # 56 is almost over!! Had a great weekend at Thunder over Louisville with my little family!! Great weather, great air show, sucky food, perfect room at the Omni Hotel!! All in all, a perfect sober weekend! Excited for the big 60 in a few days!! Hope everyone’s weekend was great and sober as well!! :heart:Goodnight my sober friends


Just finished day 2. Ugh, it sounds so puny next to my previous 41. Oh well. Slept all day today. I hope I haven’t royally screwed up my sleep cycle, because that’s a recipe for disaster. I will go to bed soon and see how long I can sleep.

If you are headed to bed sober, I wish you sweet dreams. If you are getting up now, I wish you a wonderful sober day!


Congratulations on 1 year :muscle::pray: Well done!

Checking in day 402! :grin: Stay strong and sober you all, because you are worth that!


Checking in on day 130, only 1 day untill my new tattoo!! Starting my day with coffee and a bath. Having the whole week off from work! Foto is made during my walk last sunday: cherry blossom :cherries::cherries:




First time checking in, I think this will be helpful for me while I’m in a rough season of my depression.

I’m on day 33 with one addiction and day two of the other. Today has been stressful and full of self defeating thoughts. I want really bad to give in and relapse but I know that will hurt so many people if I do. But I’m making it, another few hours till I get off work and I’m done for the day.


Day 2. A lot to do as my semester finishes up


Day 44. I like today’s saying.

I’m remembering lately that I’m not stuck anywhere and the life I envision for myself isn’t this one I’m living. Being sober is amazingly wonderful, I love it! But it’s eye opening to really see all the issues around me that truly exist. I masked all of that before with drinking. I can’t and won’t do that again. So… guess the only thing left is to keep changing me as I move forward one day at a time and know that if I keep being true to myself and my needs, life will work itself out! :heart: Happy Monday folks!


Morning! Day 25. I am going into hospital tomorrow for a small procedure, and the prep plan says " no alcohol the day before and day of surgery". This would have stressed out the old me, but I just looked at it, and thought “I can do that” :blush:
Baby steps!


Checking in day 130 :blush:


Day 93. Went to a yoga class last night organized by a guy at one of my meetings, it’s for people in recovery and its 45 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of meditation and then a half hour of talking/sharing, an “unofficial” AA meeting. Very relaxing and great way to end the weekend! :relieved::blue_heart:


Day 31, got up early to exercise…made it to the couch…that counts as one sit up…right?


The universe has an impish sense of humor!


Day 308. So happy I’m off work today! Just got through the most stressful 4 days at work and damn, my brain was just SCREAMING “the only way to finish this weekend is with a couple beers and shots.” But screw that! I know I can’t ever make it through the first few months of detox and sobriety ever again. So that means not using.

I have an appointment with another new primary care doc this morning the the rest of the day is all mine. 3 days off! Such a wonderful gift! Especially because I have the new computer and it’s beautiful outside. So reading on the porch and playing on my computer for the next 3 days.

Let’s all get another 24 hours! Much love to you all!


Day 413. My original goal was to quit long enough to pay for a vacation. We took our vacation in October. I am still going, and stronger in my sobriety every day. Keep going, guys. You will get better, stronger, and clearly , have a lot more money.