Checking in daily to help maintain focus


That’s a lot of money!!@
Well done !


Great!!! My heartfelt congratulations


Wishing you all the best for your surgery :+1::kissing_heart:


I’m doing a planking challenge lol. Started last week :wink:


Wow so much money!!!


Day 113. Just heading home from work. A lot collegues are still sick and one even quit her job and won’t return as long as she lives she said :grin:
It’s colder today but sill beautifully sunny. I’ll check out a Garden Center where I live, maybe they have some nice flowers, my balcony looks so naked without flowers :weary:
Have a beautiful sober monday friends :green_heart:


You mean if I do 30 days? I’ll do this as long as I can plank one minute. I’m at 15 seconds now :astonished::scream:


Hello everybody. Well, the weather is certainly sliding back towards “normal” in this part of CH. The 22C or 23C that we had in the last few days was too good to last for this time of year. In any event, the days are definitely getting longer!
Well, things are going okay here, just the usual mountains of work. I’m just quickly checking in on day 4.5 to say hi to everybody… i’m looking forward to getting back to double digits!


Checking in for day 1 and I’m confident that plenty more will follow


Well done to you! You did great- so good to be able to check in and say you were strong and keep counting. Good you have also identified a trigger I’m sure I am just that for my hubby too ha ha


Well here it is… 1 year ago today i took my very last alcoholic drink. Unbelievable… 1 whole year of complete memory. 1 year of guilt and fear free. I can honestly say i can face this world and its challenges thrown at me with so much strength now… My sober barriers will never come down. Please all you guys starting out keep going. If u fall then get right back up. Find that fight in you and build. We are on this forum and we are all here for the same reasons no matter what your DOC. The thought 1 year ago of never having a drink again really freaked me out. Everyone saying just take it one day at a time. Dont think of tomorrow, i was like wtf!!!.. Well that is how i got to where i am today. I wont drink today. . … That fear has long long gone. I wish every single one of you the freedom you deserve and thankyou for helping me get to where i am today… Happy sober monday.


Congratulations on one year @weevee. That’s amazing!!!


Day 147…Hi @weevee… fantastic achievement! Your post has given me loads of encouragement at the end of a lackluster boring day…I am ready for tomorrow…


Thankyou @Robketts. Your doing excellent your self!. Nearing to 6 months… thats half a year!!! Keep tough and let them days tick away. Your more than capable ! :grin::four_leaf_clover:


AMAZING @weevee.

So proud of you.

Day 346 here, still following you not too far behind. No longer do we turn to alcohol, our lives are now manageable and isn’t that just amazing. You are amazing. Well done and keep moving forward I’ll happily stay 19 days behind you a day at a time.


Night folks:)

Its like being part of the Waltons !
Good night …(ok too many names to r3memebr)

Last one to bed make sure you lock up and turn the lights off :blush:


That is an inspiration!


@weevee. Congratulations That’s the way to get after it! Keep it up


Thankyou @NewPerspective… u better keep right there behind me or i will be over to the west to kick ur ass !. When u changed ur name and i didn’t know, i got all worried for u not seeing your posts… what a difference a year makes eh :grin::sunglasses::four_leaf_clover:


Thankyou @Thirdmonkey. We can do this :grin::four_leaf_clover: