Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thanks @Chad_R . It sure is and i sure will :grin::four_leaf_clover:


Someone from the east threatening to come west :scream::scream::scream::scream:. It’s wild over here.

I couldn’t make you do such a thing so I better stay sober.


Haha… the beast from the east!!! Just like the weather :snowflake::zap::snowflake:


Your awesome! Well done. Great you also shared very inspiring.



That’s an incredible achievement. Nice to hear you enjoying the freedom.


Teams are stronger than individuals!


@weevee CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 YEAR!!! Such an inspiring post! One Day At A Time!!

Its the end of my day 57 and geez I am wore out! Busiest day since I started riding this sobriety train! Waking up to my son sick, so he was home from school, then my dog is throwing up all over the couch(yes, its leather thank god) then my uncle comes to my home to stay after a double hernia surgery this morning!!! God sure tested my strength today and Lord have mercy I MADE IT THROUGH SOBER!! Goodnight my sober friends! 1Love, One day at a time!! :raised_hands: :pray: :muscle: :heart:


Day 31. Just checking in to maintain focus, and hoping it helps.


Congratulations on 1 year! :+1::kissing_heart::green_heart::balloon::gift::sparkler:


Amazing!! Congrats to you, enjoy and be proud!


Good morning world xx
I’m free, im sober and I’m grateful but most importantly here to help you if you are struggling please feel free to message me. I work my program daily and have not drunk for 3 years.
I’m here to help because the only way to keep sobriety is to give it away to others xx



That’s so awesome you made it to one year! I am so inspired, although right now it seems impossible that I’ll get there. In any case, congratulations to you! I’m sure it was hard work. Keep on going!


Finished day 3 sober. On to day 4! Sleep first, good night all you wonderful people.


Thanks for being here! It helps so much to have people here who have a lot of time. So, thanks!


We must all help each other to beat addiction it can not be beaten alone :heart:


Checking in at day 39!!! Today was a hard day, my sponsor went into the hospital and I’m very worried about her. Life keeps throwing me curve balls.


Good job staying sober amidst all the curve balls. I hope your sponsor is okay. Stay strong!


Checking in day 403! Feel hungover, big time emotionally… Had a breakdown yesterday for so many different reasons and I almost went out but got my ass to a meeting instead. 403 days does not make me safe in any way. Alcoholism can take over at any time. My brain currently is wired off beam! Hoping to get back on track soon!


Congrats on 3 days… i was only on 0.5 days a year ago today thinking it was impossible… so scared of what laid ahead of me and thinking theres no way i can do this. Zero will power. I had a holiday to go on and a big sports event in the month to follow. Ready to cancel it all… i didn’t and im so glad i didn’t… That saying " today i will not drink" got me through each day. Then you wake up so damn happy that u didn’t, just made me find my will power and soldier on… It is possible and you are already 3 days in to this freedom. Soldier on my friend, 1 moment / day at a time. Dont think to far ahead. I wish u strength and everything else to keep you on this road to a better future :grin::four_leaf_clover:


452 day, not feeling good but trying to concentrate on the fact that I’m sober and that that is enough. Keep it up everybody! :muscle::muscle::muscle: