Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hi all, checking in on day 2 again. Feeling motivated this time to continue on. One of my greatest pleasures is waking up in the morning not hungover!


Thankful for 1 year sobriety​:four_leaf_clover::rose:
Thank you all for being here. I’m convinced that i would not have made it trough each single day without this forum. Some days were easy, but some days were not… and not because of the urge or craving for a drink, but just to take life as it comes, the feelings, and especialy anxiety (i found out i have a lot of anxiety i was not aware of). Alcohol was the “solution” to my anxiety, not the problem. I’m determined to explore and work on my underlying issues to prevent me from reaching out to my old solution alcohol.
I truely wish you all the same and once more: Thank YOU​:rose::rose::rose::turtle:


Checking in on day 131, tonight at 18.30 I have my appointment at the tattoo shop!
Whoop :tada: whoop :tada: Tomorrow I’m a girl with a forearm sleeve! :facepunch:


Good morning friends. Still kicking. Have a great day.


Day 45. An entire month and a half without alcohol! Woot woot! That’s seriously amazing to me. Today and tomorrow I’m auditing branches. The weather is finally sunny here and the moods are lightened. Life is good!


Awesome! Im sure the branches are excited about the audit. :wink: When I was in the corporate world I was the one preparing for the auditors visit for union and workers comp. audits. Hope they go smooth and enjoy this beautiful weather!


Waking up to a sunny day 24 and feelin’ fine :sunglasses:


Haha, luckily today is my branch audit. They all love us anyway so the branches don’t usually mind us auditing them, because everyone would rather I find any issues than the federal examiners. We make it fun! :slight_smile: Have a good day love!


Let day 32 commence…seems I cant get out of bed…motivation please!


@Turtle. Way to just get it done! Congratulations my friend. I hope love what you found enough to never turn back.


Day 2. There’s so much stuff I have to do which is really stressful + I’m nervous because I have to conduct a presentation today. And to be honest, that makes it really tough. But I won’t give up


Congrats on 1 year!! Awesome! :grin:


Oh thats good! You have a great day too! :black_heart:


Cofffeeeeeeee!!! :coffee::coffee::coffee:


Day 94. Feeling great and about to meditate to get my day started off right. Wishing everyone a great day, sobriety is so worth it, stick with it and put in the work. :blue_heart::blush:


I know that feeling so well. If you are anything like me sometimes just being sober is the only bright point. But continuing to fight still makes it worth it. I often feel like this whole thing sucks, but being messed up would make it suck more. The lesser of two evils I guess. Keep your head up friend! We can do this!


Day 11. The cravings have hit, hard… I need some peace people. Advice?


Day 309. Mehh. It’s laundry and trash day. Why do I hate laundry so much? It’s not a complicated thing! Slept pretty hard and feel a little more rested than usual, but still not really awake are refreshed. Oh well. Nothing is going to stop me from having another sober day.

Let’s get it people! One more day, just one more day!


Do ANYTHING that will keep you busy. Play games, read, go for a walk, stay on here and go through some of the big threads. I went through the Sober Selfies thread on a few really bad anxiety days and it helped to see all the different faces of my fellows.


Thank you, I needed to hear this. I think being sober I start to see how messed up I am and that scares the he’ll out of me. Though going back to drinks would not make anything easier now that I have seen the mess I am in once. So I guess we really have no other option than celebrating every day we survive sober. Which is not the worst actually, now that I type it down. Keep it up! And thanks for cheering me up! :heart: