Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@Pleausy how’s it going with them healthy habits?

For me HALT is very important so taking care of my eating habits is an important foundation in sobriety I’ve noticed :wink:


Hi All. Thought I would check in because the big 60 has just turned over on the widget.
Yep, 60 days!
I’ve been away from the app, but it was good to see some familiar names who are still on track!
Keep the faith guys! Great work!


Looks great! We are always looking for food post and ideas in the “foodies unite” thread. You should come aboard :slight_smile:


Day 352. Totally forgot to check in yesterday. Had my therapy appointment yesterday instead of today and I can’t get my shit straight. All day I kept thinking I had to work this morning. It’s so weird how little changes in my routine just mess everything up. Doesn’t help that my Lexapro increase was yesterday. Makes me unable to focus and very forgetful when the dose changes, but super necessary to combat the insane depression that comes with the Seroquel reduction. I HATE this rollercoaster, but it will be better when all is said and done. I made it through detox from benzos and alcohol so I know I can make it through this!

So today I have a few things I need to do, but mostly I’ll just be chilling. Yesterday I had to claw my way through because all the things I love to do I had zero interested in. But I’m no rookie, I know I’ll make it through.

Let’s all get another 24 hours in the books people!


Looks delicious! I’m hungry now, and inspired to cook something up.


How do I find that thread? I love cooking and would be Happy to join. This particular dish was extremely simple, delicious and simple. Very good combo :muscle::grin::pray:


You’re really doing great girl! It is such a hard process but it’ll be beautiful at the end when everything that simply don’t work falls away to make room for all the things that do! How are things there? That note about standing on your own resonates with me. That’s where I am also. We have to take care of ourselves and make absolutely sure we are doing what’s best for us! No one else is going to nor should they. We are doing all of this for US so we just need to hang on for the ride and enjoy the rollercoaster! :slight_smile:



So what is in it?


What is in what now??? This forum really needs an update on this…once you reply to something the other person doesn’t know which post you are referring to…


I was referring to what you put in that smoothie.


oh, ok…sooo Don’t know why this came to the checking in daily thread…anyhows…a banana, a peach some frozen strawberries, mixed berries juice and a few leaves of mint…was excellent :slight_smile:


Sounds fantastic! I was wondering why it posted here as well…lol!


Yay! 60 days! That’s awesome, congratulations! Still drinking the diet ginger beers?


Keep up the no smoking! It gets easier, I promise. The first month is really hard. But it is so worth it. The wheezing and coughing and spitting up phlegm all goes away. You don’t stink any more. I have three pages of ways in which my life is better not smoking. Do you have a list like that?


Stressed and more stressed. Yesterday I had a craving to drink…I didn’t give in, but it was a terrible feeling.


Stay strong sweetie! You got this!


Checking in Day 4


Lmao I laughed so hard at this. I woke my cat up


Reached the day 5 away from pornography, the first three days was hard but actually today I struggle with my instant mood changing. I know it will be good but something is preventing me from being patient. I need to beat this. Regardless of cravings I feel so happy.