Checking in daily to help maintain focus


You can, just refresh your mind.


Checking in. 29 days sober.


Horribly wonderful is the best way to describe it lol, 2 days and about 6 hours or so, havent given in yet, but I’m still gettin caught off guard reaching for one or heading to the door to go smoke one lol been listening to otis redding a lot today cuz he usually takes me to my happy place when I’m cranky and “cigarettes and coffee” came on :unamused: lol, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, just aggravating for the most part


Been doin my share of that too…and my sense of smell is getting better, I went out for my walk last night and could pick out the houses where people were drying clothes the fabric softener smell was so strong…walked by one guy cutting his grass and man, the sensory overload! Lol


Unfortunately, that didn’t happen to me, as I do not breathe well through my nose. Having surgery on it in July, so it might be crazy sensory overload after that. Benefit of not smoking though: I can have surgery where they knock me out, without dying. They won’t put you under if you’ve smoked in the last 48 hours, because smoking stimulates phlegm production, and you can choke on it while you’re unconscious. I had surgery in 2004, and had to quit smoking for 2 days beforehand. I lasted a week after the surgery, mostly because I couldn’t move, but then went back to smoking (stupid, stupid). Here is my list of benefits:

I taped them to my patio door so I would read them before going to my old smoking spot on the patio.
Also, get a large bag of DumDum suckers.


That’s a good idea, I’m gonna have to do that! Unfortunately I’m gonna hafta post em everywhere lol, I’ve been living solo for a while and had pretty much adopted a “screw it” attitude about smoking in the house, then when I started going through the booze and opiate withdraws I dropped all pretense and started smoking even more. Went and bought a bunch of different packs of those wax cubes u put in the little electric burners so I can change the scent every day cuz my place and my truck both smell like a wet ashtray lol. Fortunately I do work on fire damaged furniture for insurance companies so i borrowed an ozone machine from work and left it running in the house this morning b4 I came to work


Day 191… all ok with me and feel strong…I have a really tough family intervention to deal with tomorrow…all I know was in the past i would have given myself permission to drink… not now…I will deal with this sober and get through it! Have a great day everyone :grin:


I used to smoke inside when I lived with my sister. But then I got a cat and felt bad about polluting his home. I found though that the way to cut down on the stink us to seal the butts in a container. The butts are what stink to high hell. We always put our butts in an old coffee can.


Day 15

Half a month! Can’t believe it’s been that long, going strong and cravings are minimal. I signed on to a new company today as a security consultant and I’m very excited to turn this new chapter in my life. Of course, things have had their ups and downs but what about life doesn’t? Roll with the cards you have been dealt with, most people just lie down and accept their “fate”, but I know that I am stronger than that. We are stronger than that. We are not “most people”, we are the ones who have made it out of the clouded darkness of addiction.

I’m excited for the future, to always be better than I was the day before.



Good luck with the intervention! I know you can do it sober. Check in when it’s over please, and let us know how you’re doing.


Sipping on hot green tea while at a late lunch with my mom. Day 1.5.


Checking in Day 8


Quit smoking is a big thing. I am smokefree just over 3 years now. It helped me to put aside every day the smokemoney. The amount is counting really fast :v:


Glad to hear that it gave you a good laugh.


10 days away from the big 90 and I’m struggling emotionally


You’ll get there…just go after it Ninja style :slight_smile:


I’ve been to 3 months soooo many times and I have had the same kinda siuation where it gets really hard near that marker…believe in yourself and dont think of the 90…one day at a time. you will do this


Day 12.
Some cravings this morning after a few hours on the beach and then in the afternoon I met my ex’s best friend so it was a bit awkward (I really got along very well with him and his fiancée) and sad.
But I pulled myself together.
I’m starting esperal (disulfiram) in a couple of days. Very confused about it.


Checking in day 36. Splitting headache, frustrating and overwhelming day at work: but the weirdest thing is that I’m craving a piece of cake rather than a drink. I consider that progress! :cake::two_hearts::cherry_blossom:


I can ninja kick my emotions in the throat haha