Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thank you so much for the support anf are so right I need to just do one day at a time.


Hi @LuluOnTheBridge i know about disulfiram…have you been on it before?.I can tell you what I know… happy to help you if you need it…:slight_smile:


These emotions pass, just remember everything you have learnt so far, it gets better and better, and even when it doesn’t feel that ways, it’s better than it was, always remind yourself of that.


End of day 5, checking in sober


So so. Today was the first day with three proper meals again. And still my breakfast was very late cause I forgot to eat till noon. A friend offered to call me every day to remind me to eat in time and I do hope that’s gonna bring some progress. I emptied my whole apartment, threw two thirds of my stuff out and that really helps to clean my mind. Step by step I guess. Good on you for preparing yourself a proper meal! Hows the post thesis feeling?


You are right things are better now then when I was drinking. It is hard to see that sometimes. Thank you for reminding me of that.


Not really. I’m traveling around Australia in a caravan with my wife. All my drinking mates are more than 2000 kilometres away!


Awesome, dont give in! That’s great hes supporting u but not being forceful about it… i dunno about u but I get real defensive and headstrong when someone tells me I cant do something, I hafta do it right then or die lol, had an ex gf that “forbade” me to drink and all that did was cause arguments cuz b4 at least I felt guilty enough to hide it. after she told me that I did it out in the open, not to piss her off cuz i did love her and i was ashamed to be that person in front of her , just to prove that I could


Why do you still have cigarettes and lighters??? Get rid of that shit if you’re serious!


Oh, sorry. That really sucks to live with it. Makes it so much harder. But good job not smoking. I don’t know if I could sit there with a cigarette and lighter and not smoke! Strong woman you are.


It’s absolutely amazing how our bodies can go through motions before we even realize what’s happening. When I was doing my Master I would often be trying to write in my office, and I would hit a difficult spot and be up out of my chair, cigarettes in hand, before I even knew what I was doing. Often I would realize it and just sit back down. If anyone ever saw me I bet they had a good laugh.


I’ve been smoke-free for 7.5 months now, and the other day, I kid you not, I reach for my cigarette pouch when I sat down outside. It wasn’t there, but I know what my hands were doing. Crazy.


Well done jack keep it going mate :grin:


That sucks. I have a really bad history of messed up sleep cycles that belongs in the past with my depression. I have learned the hard way that if I cannot sleep I must lay in bed. I cannot get up and get work done, or exercise, or rearrange the furniture, or smoke, or anything. I must lay in bed doing nothing until I either fall asleep or it is time to get up. Otherwise, I just royally fuck up my sleep cycle and that is disaster for my mental health.


Checking in, day 47 sober complete. I’ve had so much fun on this forum today talking about books and bras and quitting smoking and staying sober. I was having so much fun that I forgot to go to my therapy appointment! Oh well, I’ll see her next week, and I’m doing good this week. Feeling strong! Good night all you beautiful sober and clean and smoke-free people!


Day 175, big craving yesterday. Alone in house and tempting to search for alcohol. But I didn’t.

Search= zoeken
Craving= hunkering
Alcohol= alcohol
Yesterday= gisteren

Going for a run :running_man: and study. At 13.00 I have to work. Have a good day everyone! :kiss:


I am still sober. One day at the time, Lets go!

Have a nice sober day everyone :kissing_heart::muscle:t3::milk_glass::coffee:


Day 391, up early and getting after it @Yoda-Stevie style. My arms and legs are sore from HIIT and running. Yoga later will hopefully help.


Checking in , no alcohol 1m,15 days
Not smoking 10 days


I’ve had feelings lately that I’ve “overbooked” myself in many ways…it’s been good to just focus on essentials and cut back a little on things…also I have been making sure that everything I do is moving me forward towards my goals and is positive…