Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 148. I’ve been keeping to my routines and feeling great. Thanks to @C-sun I can proudly state that this morning my breakfast includes a kiwi,strawberry, mixedberry juice and mint smoothie. Today I’m going to see my addiction councelor to see if they will book me for an interval session of one week in my rehab place…if so I’ll be there in one months time…A friends daughter is missing…If he wants to I’m gonna go help look for her. She didn’t return to the fosterplace she lives in after visiting her mother…Helsinki is a big city with a million and a half people living within 50 km from the centre…so it’s kind of like a needle in a haystack sort of thing…but if he wants to then I’ll be up for it…anyways…I woke up to the sun shining and a new 24 hours to give me opportunities that I’m going to use. Stay positive :slight_smile:


Respect! :facepunch:


You go Dutchie! :netherlands::kiss::facepunch:


Good morning day 447! :sun_with_face:

Went to an outside gym last night after the meeting with a friend from the fellowship. So much fun. We started off with a 2k run and then this gym :muscle::muscle::muscle: Feeling strong both mentally and physically!


You are also doing great!!! :netherlands::kissing_heart::muscle:t3:


:blush: Thank you! Yesterday was a hard one, but beaten. We can do it! :+1:


Thx Rob, may every success come your way too.


This just happened to a good friend of mines son this week too. He was found alive thank god but the kid is pretty traumatized. I hope she’s found safe!


I’m there with you! It’s going to be a rough one today. I do a lot of business networking which makes for very long days. I’m up at 4am and usually at the office before 7am. Have functions most nights making it so I don’t walk in the door until 9pm. Then I have to do all my wife/mom crap. SO… I made the decision to focus on self care. No more after hours networking events!

I hope you are able to take some days off to take care if yourself. You’re worth it!


Checking in day 10! Whew… I woke up sobbing from a terrible nightmare. It took me a good while to collect myself.

Anyway, got some great news yesterday. We were accepted into the apartment we wanted. We are selling our house and simplifying our lives. I’m so excited to rent again I can’t stand it. We will buy again in a few years, but it will be a condo uptown! We close on July 2nd, so lots to do in the next few weeks :blush:


That’s wonderful news! Congratulations! I notice an increase in vivid dreams after about 5 days. I’ve always thought it had to do with finally getting real sleep. That makes me feel better to think when I have those horrible dreams. :thought_balloon:


Checking in Day 5


That’s one cool looking gym!


Day 353. Back in the shitty place. Sleep was terrible and I can’t focus on anything. When I went through this the first time I thought it had to do with the double dose of flu I had. That is apparently not true. This is what lower the dose of Seroquel does. Once again, I hate this rollercoaster! I’m at work already, going to start my shift in a ten minutes. Hopefully being busy will help.

I hope everyone has a good, sober day. We can do this!


I really hope you guys find your friend’s daughter!


Ugh, that sucks. I hope work isn’t too painful for you.


Neat! My grandpa used to take us to a park where there was a trail, and every so often along the trail there was some piece of exercise equipment and instructions on how to use it (what exercises to do). I haven’t thought about that for years!


What dosage of Lexapro are you on?


She’s Bern in contact and is ok. Just still not where she’s supposed to Be…teenagers. :imp:


Oh, that’s good to hear that she’s ok. I hope the Foster family is good to her. Children act oddly after visits with their parents when they are in foster care. It is very emotional for them.